30 fricken minutes for a part about "Meetings for field service" !!!! Seriously??

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  • 88JM

    It's just a one more item in a trend of the total joke that the service meeting has become.

    Week in and week out, there is very little substance to the service meeting items these days - it's either reviewing a previous item earlier in the month, looking ahead to upcoming parts, or reading some bit from the yearbook. Just recycling the same junk with alarming frequency.

    Incidentally here this week it's an assembly weekend so there's no Thursday meeting. However, the elders have changed the service meeting in two weeks so that they are still having this 30 minute item anyway!

  • ToesUp
    At least they killed two birds with one stone. Mindless instructions and also a reminder to the Sisters on how submissive they should be. I ALWAYS hated how they made the Sisters feel. Same ole same ole! Don't miss this crap at all!
  • Oubliette
    It's all completely self-referential.
  • respectful_observer

    My other half (who is not "awake", btw), looked at the schedule, saw who was delivering this part and informed me we would not be attending the meeting that week because of it.


  • _Morpheus
    Indeed i didnt miss the irony.... A 30 min part on conducting a 5 min meeting. Typical corporate operations.
  • cappytan
    I will definitely be either missing this meeting, or leaving at the half. Not sticking around for this bullsht.
  • WTWizard

    This is beyond a waste of time. They waste 30 minutes guilting people into shortening the field circus meeting so they can spend (waste) more time in field circus. It is true that, if you have a small group and everyone knows where they are supposed to be, you can quickly assign the work, say the prayer (so you can connect with whatever psychic power you have into the damnation work), and go.

    But, it never works that way. You are supposed to start at 9:00 AM, sharp. At that point, you have one to two car groups. The minute you think you have the groups assigned, along comes another group. Of course, they have been meaning to work with the group, so you need to rearrange things. And, invariably, someone that insists on working with someone who is already there shows up 20 minutes later. By now, everyone is confused and it takes another 20 minutes before everyone knows who they are working with and what they are doing.

    And forget about leaving stragglers in the cold. It is usually an assistant hounder that is late. Someone who is "just a brother" could be on time regularly and start, only to have the disruptions start. Then, once the assistant hounder or hounder shows up 20 minutes later, this idiot usurps the work already done. Groups are torn apart, new ones started, and if you try leaving them out in the cold, they will whine and complain to the lead hounder about how theocraptic arrangement is that the assistant hounder (even though it shows up 20 minutes late and the groups are already arranged) is supposed to take the lead. The "brother" taking the lead because he was the only one on time usually gets chewed out for usurping theocraptic arrangement.

    Now, I wonder how long it will be before this pattern resumes--or if it will even be disrupted at all. You cannot get the group out in the territory within 5, or even 15, minutes as long as some idiot is going to come 20 minutes late and, because he is an assistant hounder, trash the whole group and remake the groups because he is "supposed" to take the lead. You are looking at, at best, 30 minutes, and usually 45-60 minutes if this rubbish is going to be tolerated.

  • 3rdgen

    30 mins to discuss the need to condense the meetings for service to 5 min?

    How much time did they allot for a discussion of the need to change WT policy on child abuse? As if....................


    Remember the old-time one room schools?? Everyone from 1st-12th grade was packed in. One teacher.

    The meetings are like that, except worse. The lesson never changes, the 1st graders just sit there until they get it, the 12th graders never graduate. The teacher never changes.

    Is there a hell? Perhaps...


  • stuckinarut2

    OK, so I suppose that if the groups are reduced to 5 minutes, that means that over the course of a month, over 30 hours can add up!

    SO that means one more Aux Pioneer can be counted!!!!!


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