Dear God...

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  • FormerMormon


    They will let you be a god in the next life, if you give them everything from this life. You would think your cult would try to win in the "greatest after life blessings contest". Can it get any better than being a GOD having endless sex with lots of wives? (Assuming you aren't a woman) That ole Joe sure was astory teller. He missed his calling as a sci fi writer.

    Yes, the envelope is getting pushed. I do think we will make a heaven or hell of this place without any "gods".

    Yes, the Mormons are an evil force, but I don't know that they exhibit much in the way of being under any "direction".

    And---"You are not my father..."

  • mouthy

    Well wasnt it God who said "let us block the tree of life,because there is nothing that man cannot do"
    the same as God did
    EXCEPT extent his life....

    And that is being proven .Man can do anything God can do,EXCEPT live as long as he wants.
    Just my two cents worth....

  • John Doe
  • yknot


    I always enjoy your posts!

    Thought provoking indeed.....

    I also enjoy yall's Ex-LDS similar!

  • zagor

    Just remember, MY GOD had/has better sex than your god. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I always envied your colorful pictures of Paradise, but I quickly forgot that when I imagined all the SEX I was going to have with all my many wives. Honestly, which paints a better picture? Which sells better?

    LOL, just reading your replies including this one above...

    BTW you are not referring to those National Geographic looking wives are you mate. I'd feel bad to even employ them as kitchen help in me house out of fear they might collapse out of exhaustion. Given everything you said here I think you need to find yourself a real pussyfire (in this life) to calm you down and I didn't mean this one

    Screw cults, life is what you make of it


  • FormerMormon


    I am lucky. I do have a hottie. I took her out of my cult a year after I left. I was lucky. The FLDS branch of mormonism sure do have homely looking women. You would need 20-30 of those to equal a real woman, wouldn't you?

    And yes, life is what you make of it.

    Screw both our cults.

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