Guys! What attracts you the most in a woman?

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  • John Doe
    John Doe
    You know I'm only jealous

    Well, I can't blame you there.

  • snowbird
  • minimus

    Physically--- Beautiful eyes, I like all colors. Thick hair is very attractive. I'm attracted to a fine bosom. Tush and legs are nice to look at.

    Personality is MOST important though. I like intelligent, witty, funny types. I don't enjoy over sensitive types.

  • whatistruth

    Somene who is NOT a drama queen. Someone who is kind considerate well spoken treats everyone the with kindness not just the guy she is interested in. easy going, and someone with a pretty face.

  • flipper

    Things that attract me most in a woman ? A great personality, a quirky sense of humor , can laugh at themselves and doesn't take things too seriously. An honest and intelligent woman who would NEVER intentionally hurt me , a woman who doesn't play mind games and tries to be too " mysterious " thus not opening up emotionally to me. I like a woman who is who she says she is - a real person, not a fake - because that's how I roll . I say what I believe in a respectful manner. I expect that in a female companion. I enjoy beauty like most guys - a pretty face, nice curvaceous body, and well endowed in all the right spots ! And the chemistry thing is VERY important as well. I like it when she craves me, and I crave her - and we both show it physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

    Fortunately I got lucky and found just a woman in Mrs. Flipper. Have been happily married over 3 years now ! Here's to love ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • snowbird

    Mrs. Flipper is a blessed woman, indeed!


  • ninja

    mrs flipper is well endowed????............

  • ninja

    ninja scarpers

  • Spectre

    She has got to like me.

    I know, that might be asking too much.

  • zagor

    I'd lie if I'd sa I didn't care about her being easy on eye but that's just for the starters.
    But what really matters is that she has enough of brains and wits to stand on her own feet (sense of humour wouldn't hurt either). I don't care about her past but I would mind if she still lived in the past. I don't mind her spending money on herself but I would really hate if she was interested in me because of the money (thats a biggie). Rest I'd hope she would fill with richness of her character whatever it is. And she'd have to fly with me across the globe from time to time, say one or twice a year and would not mind joining me occasionally for a glass vino or a cold beer preferly served in bed, rest is private, and disclosed only in private..

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