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  • thomas15


    I'm not now nor ever been a JW so I don't have the theological restictions burned into my brain regarding education (I'm an evangelical). I have a good job and a 4 year college degree. I have been doing the same thing for 25 years and I'm looking to do something different while I'm still young enough to act on it. 5 years ago I became a volunteer firefighter. I have availed myself to many fire classes and have quite a few state certifications. I love being in a classroom setting and fire school is free. But the problem is I don't want to be a paid firefighter.

    I started taking classes to become an EMT-B. This is a 5 month course. I'm using it for several reasons, it is inexpensive and somewhat convient. I'm also trying to put as much effort into it as possible and it's been good so far. Out of 38 students in my class August 25th, we are down to 30 and I believe that after this week, another 4 or 5 may wash out. Right now and I'm not saying this to brag, I'm ranked highest in the class. This is thanks to a lot of study.

    I intend to get my EMT cert 1st week in January and start running as a volunteer. Next fall I intend to apply for Paramedic school, which is a whole lot more involved than EMT. I have not ruled out going for trama nurse. Taking EMT training has put me back into an academic setting. It is a great feeling having students that are my kid's age ask if they can be my skills partner for the evening or for them to ask me for study advice.

    My advice Heartbreaker is at least give it a try. Always Always Always put yourself in a position to learn things, there is nothing unbiblical about education.

    Two words, DO IT!

  • tjlibre


    Chapter 7 of C of C covers the basics for the flaws in the 607 date Wt’s teaching very nicely.

  • Heartbreaker

    TJlibre - thank you! I just received it in the mail today, I may have to skip ahead ;)

    Thomas - inspiring...thanks for sharing!

  • AGuest

    ANYONE can do it (and peace to you!).

    GO FOR IT!

    SA, JD (who started university at age 40... and loved EVERY minute of it!)

  • VoidEater

    Do it! Now! You CAN! ;-)

    If she puts it down on paper, there will be plenty here to help refute!

    Glad to meet a genuine JW (Jezebel Whore).

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Jezebel Whore: "Just tell me I can do it. Thank you in advance."


    You're Welcome

    Well Heartbreaker, I'm going back to school in just a few weeks. So I've got to be positive, too.

  • palmtree67

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Now I'll tell you why: You are very empathetic and intuitive and will likely take to it like a crack addict to a bong.

    It's a very rewarding and satisfying career and you will enjoy it alot.

    Go for it, girlie!!

  • 2pink

    go team heartbreaker! you can do it! (are you convinced yet?!)

    hey i just got my copy of CoC last week. so far, so good....in a disturbing way of course. i also got in search of christian freedom, and tried to control my eye twitching when i saw the 700+ pages. i should be finished with both these books in about 10 years...right about the time i'm finishing my degree. lol.

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