What about posters who are active and agree with the org?

by creativhoney 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • isaacaustin

    I have seen one say they accept the rebuke if given, others dodge or change the topic, another said the elders knew it and were fine with it..probably the first one I said was the best I remember hearing

  • creativhoney

    well it was a similar post about answering to jehovah for being gay that I read that spurred me to ask really. they said to the poster, that you have the free will to be gay because Jehovah gave it to you, but you will have to answer to him. I came here for debate, and support but not really to be judged by people who say you have to answer to Jehovah, every time you post a topical debate. - of course that is an opinion they are entitled to, even if its wrong, I can deal with it lol, but like you say not much logic in it..

    Oh I just read back my post. Im not gay, in case anyone had been following my comments and thought hey theres a down to earth chick, Id like to take her out for dinner ;)

  • zagor

    So how is it bad that they are here?? The very fact they are hanging around site like this tells you something. There are issues deep down, unspoken issues. Perhaps some are at the stage of "prove me wrong", and are using "logic" of wtbs to see if it stands open scrutiny, and then there might be those who genuinly still believe wtbs theology, at least partly.

    The fact is, this is precisely why a site like this one is needed. IF everyone had left wtbs after a while site would lose its purpose (other than for socializing puproses perhaps, though if this is the only socializing people have then that in itself is somewhat disturbing, at least to me)

    The thing is if we are frustrated with lost years and watchtower corporation let not turn our fire against those still trapped, at least not unless we want to play into wtbs mind-fuck (forgive my French) and thereby push those people even deeper into the jaws of the monster. Don't forget too that there are lots of those who frequent this site even if not commenting, they are eagerly reading commentaries to see which argument prevails.

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