Evolution to be taught in primary school.

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  • Caedes

    About time.


    The schools minister, Diana Johnson, has confirmed the plans will be included in a blueprint for a new curriculum to be published in the next few weeks.
    It follows a letter signed by scientists and science educators calling on the government to make the change after draft versions of the new curriculum failed to mention evolution explicitly.

    If only I had been taught evolution at primary school it might have helped me to realise exactly how much rubbish my parents were spouting.

    I would love to know how 'faith' schools are going to get round this?

  • snowbird

    Dour old Caedes.


  • ninja

    he's a grumpy old sod getting sylv..........he he....just kidding seedster

  • Caedes

    So, neither of you has any comment on the subject of the thread? Do you think it is a good idea to teach primary school kids evolution, if not why not?

    I can't imagine that my grumpiness, whilst of admittedly Meldrewian proportions, has any bearing on the matter at hand.


  • nicolaou

    Thank god!

  • Lillith26

    If they didn't teach the different theories of evolution at my son's school- I would teach him myself! I find both the 'big bang theory' and the 'steady state universe theorys' to be facinating and neither conflict with my own personal spritual beliefs- they strengthen them...

    Children need to learn and study ALL the possibilities so that they can one day make up their own mind on these things...

  • besty

    why wait for the vagaries of school....

  • wobble

    This is great news, I am amazed it has taken them this long to realise that our kids need a grounding in what underlies scientific research and scientific thought.

    There will no doubt be an outcry by the "Christians" who feel that their faith is so vulnerable that their children must not be exposed to any fact or any theory that makes them look at their faith with the eye of the true scientist.

    It is the same attitude as the WT's "must not search the internet".

    We have a dire need for good scientists, here in the U.K and around the World, only by giving our children a full education will these be produced.



  • glenster
  • donny

    It's strange that the Society does not accept evolution since their doctrines are constantly evolving!


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