Is mental illness actualy messages from god?

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  • Farkel

    I wonder why schizophrenic atheists never hear any messages from God.

    I also wonder why those who have "near death" experiences and see "Jesus" are always Christians, while those who are Muslims always see "Allah" and atheists never see either, although they sometimes do see a white light.

    Then again, I wonder too why most of the alien abductees who had "sexual experiments" performed on them, had green, rotten teeth and were from Kentucky.


  • highdose

    thats a very good point indeed farkle...!

  • undercover
    I used to work with patients who suffered from severe schiofrenia etc, they would claim that they were god, son of god, gods mesanger etc.
    An arguement that could be posed is that those patients WERE actualy what or who they said they were, and that modern disbeliving society has classed them as crazy.

    Then God is doing a piss poor job of communicating.

    If everytime he picks someone to be his messenger they end up in an asylum or something, I hope he never picks me to speak for him...

  • zagor

    You reckon this spirit is strong enough to make cat hear voices? such a chemical imbalance gotta have an effect on this poor soul

  • garyneal

    I'm not sure if I really have a good comment for this thread but here are some of my thoughts.

    Sometimes you wonder if the general population are not the ones who are 'crazy' and the seemingly 'crazy' ones are the ones who 'get it.'

    Is Jesus the Son of God, a liar, or a mad man? The Phariseahs said over and over that He had a demon in Him.

    My wife, my mom, and myself encountered what appeared to be a homeless man while dining at a Wendy's. Some people picked on him, some just looked at him with fear and/or disgust, others helped him. Was he really just a 'homeless' man, or was he more than what he appeared to be?

  • trueblue

    Everyone else is crazy except for you and me, and some times I wonder about you

  • Satanus

    If religion is insanity.... 70% to 80% of the world is religious. Since the world's population is 6.7 billion, that means 4.7 to 5.4 billion are mad. Only about 2 billion are sane.


  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    It's possible that prophets are considered mentally ill... look at the scripture below:

    Hosea 9:7 Because of your great sin and hostility,

    you say, “The prophets are crazy

    and the inspired men are fools!”

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