Videos on (JW's) Scientology

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  • AllTimeJeff

    These videos were posted on Ronnies board by poster I enjoy reading.... Here is the original thread, followed by the videos... I think its good for JW's to realize that JW's aren't even the trendy cult anymore.... Scary how much the leadership of JW's and Scientology have in common.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Never heard these details about Scientology, incredibly similar to JW....

    Thanks Jeff, its eye opening, I have to show it to my JW wife tonight...


  • whoknows

    OMG - the similarities are amazing. Who could deny after watching this video that Scientology is a high control cult? How could JWs not see that they are captives to the same mindset and the same cruel, cultish policies? My guess is that they would justify it by saying "we have the Truth, therefore we are justified in OUR policy", even if it destroys families. I am just wondering if any of my brain captive old friends would watch this video if I forwarded it to them. Probably not, since I am DF'd now. God, it is so FRUSTRATING!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this -

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