Questions From Readers--Watchtower "Summer Edition", 2019

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    Back to the top--wow, I'd forgotten about this one, another pre-Beast-Tower article. Kinda disturbing parody. Guess this was the start of my sadistic satire...gaaa! I'll try not to bring it back to the top in 2019, could get somebody killed, for real...



    It sounded real to me. Not too far off really. They have already said that apostates deserve death, but because of Caesars law apostates can only be expelled from the Org.

    SD-7 , I am not the writer you are but I did write this. Tell me what you think. I was really pissy that day.

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    I don't know why that was coming up underlined. I wrote that because i was pissed. I happened to remember a Science Fiction short story that I read as a kid. I think it was called ' Sanity Clause '. In a dystopian future the Government had a program to detect harmful citizens. A Government agent would come to a home dressed as Santa Clause when a child reached the age of testing. he would ask questions and play with the children. The parents were sick with worry because they knew why he was really there. the whole point was to test for children with psychic abilities and get rid of them before they could mature.

    Then I thought of the future of the WTBTS, with the Elders as a police force. Their assignment would be to re-adjust any feelings of a heavenly calling that could one day challenge the GB. If they could not be re-adjusted, then they were eliminated from the congregation. Of course careful surveillance must continue even after they are DF'd. How else would the S.L.A.V.E know if they were repentant.... ( insert scary music )

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