CO asked my wife to wash his laundry...

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Well this happened some 9 years ago, while we were very active and busy in the congregation....

    (In my country - eastern europe - there are no laundromats and most people have their washers at home...)

    The CO was single (age 45?) and after one of the meetings he came to my wife with a plastic bag full of laundry and asked my wife politely if she could wash it for him till the next meeting. He stressed brothers from Bethel told him to choose in every congragation one sister (in good standing of course) to do it for him, since he has no wife.

    OK, we were young and zealous at that time, so we accepted the assignment as a priveledge from Jehovah and took the laundry home...

    When we got home, what I feared came true .... the bag of laundry included underpants and socks...

    Well we were humble and supportive, but I must admitt it felt kind a weird to me even at that time.... Today it sounds to me completely bizarre....

    Is this normal in US or other countries?

    What other wierd things you were asked to do for you CO, DO, PO?

    Albert the laundry washer

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Wash your new Coca Cola T shirt with them

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    I think today they wouldnt let us wash even their a$$. This was tiiiime ago.

    BTW is it a problem in your country for JW to wear a CocaCola Tshirt?


  • LouBelle

    Okay I don't mind doing their washing but you do your own smalls - sis. I will not wash anyones' smalls bar for my baby girls'.

  • Jim_TX

    Here in the U.S. ...

    1) There are laundromats everywhere - only a sicko would impose on someone else asking them to do their laundry (well... that or a college kid asking their mom to do their laundry)

    2) I have never heard of a 'single' CO here in the states. It just plain doesn't happen - as it is a requirement for them to be married - so they have better qualifications to 'lead' the flock.


    Jim TX

  • blondie

    I remember that when Emshoff (sp?) visited as a single CO, he asked the sister in whose home he stayed to do his laundry although they had a washer and dryer in their house. Why should a man dirty his hands with laundry, eh? The husband ended up doing it not wanting to think of his wife washing this guy's underwear.

  • babygirl30


    There ARE single CO's...matter-a-fact, before I was DF'd last yr, I met 1 who was in his late 30's (37/38) and he went on the platform and made it CLEAR that he was NOT looking for a wife and was NOT interested in meetng friends-of-friends. Everyone LAUGHED too...cuase numerous sisters would whisper about this 'single CO' coming to the area and how they were gonna try to snag him.

  • zoiks

    Yep, single COs do indeed exist. My last CO was a single man in his 40s. Great guy, very "out there" and fun. I don't know if he had anyone wash his laundry for him, but all of the sisters doted on him like he was their quirky son/brother/grandson.


  • undercover
    When we got home, what I feared came true .... the bag of laundry included underpants and socks...

    I would have been more suspicous if his underwear wasn't included...

    Could he have been hiding something? How does one remove lipstick stains from a pair of boxers?

  • WTWizard

    I would have not done it. This is blatantly exploiting others--it costs money to run the machines, it costs money for the laundry soap, and it takes about an hour or more to run it (that "should have been spent in field circus"). Unless, that is, they want one of their T-shirts dyed with a nice Christmas design when it gets back (or his white dress shirt--a nice great big Santa Claus on the front).

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