So Green Is My Valley

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    So green is my valley, become verdant after our first heavy autumn rain. I hadn't really noticed as passage through our expansive low plain is generally accomplished by automobile, bus or bicycle. Always in a hurry to get from here to there, I missed how the scorch of an eternal summer was transforming from regulation California brown into shimmering emerald. My blinders, however, have been removed. Deprived recently of a vehicle, and only rarely boarding the county bus, I decided to hoof my way over the county thoroughfare in order to see what I had been missing while keeping my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

    Tuesday morning was crisp and cool, but the sun promised to warm quickly the pavement I trod and the air I gulped down. At mile 2.2 from home, the valley floor opened before my goggling eyes as clusters of oak vying for room and attention with cedar and pine acceded to the inexorable onslaught of an immense, sweeping table of flatness. Rising valiantly through the detritus of spent spring grasses was new, dewy pasture, carpeting untold acres of grazing land in green for at least another 7 months. In a bluish haze, embracing the valley but with distinct aloofness, appeared the upward sloping terrain, its turning gradually into our renowned foothills, now decked out in full autumn dress.

    I had to stop and drink it all in. However polluted with noise the atmosphere became and remained from the infernal, internal combustion of early morning commuters' SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury sedans and sport coupes, I was totally oblivious. There was a ten second interval - it might have been fifteen - when I actually tuned into bird song. Otherwise, I was hooked on the view that I had somehow missed while driving the road day in, day out.

    I don't envy my neighbors their fancy cars. Just their fancy walking shoes - boy, are my dogs barkin'!

  • Satanus

    So true. It's a different world when walked instead of driven. Times past, i sometimes did long road hikes/walks. Maybe, i should do so again.


  • free2think


  • snowbird

    Beautiful, CoCo LaBeouf!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Satanus, free and Syl:

    I appreciate your kind responses! One of my wee-hours-two-cups-of-coffee short-shorts.



  • PSacramento

    And here I thought this was a thread about color dyeing of the pubic area.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Sounds like a brutal commute CoCo!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  • Quandry

    You painted a beautiful picture with your words. I am now longing for a pleasant walk.

  • musky

    The best things in life seem to be free. I chose to paddle a canoe, rather than see how much horsepower I could afford.It is so much more peaceful and quiet.And like the walk you described,It seems that our surroundings are so much more absorbed.Take a few extra minutes to enjoy life.Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Sac, Quandry, Open and Musky, for sending your thoughts my way.

    Actually, the public areas, such as our parks, are a surreal green that could almost be mistaken for a dye job. You, Sac, are so perceptive!

    Yes, OM, the total commute was 10-plus miles but worth the blisters [and the shoes worn are old and comfortable, too!].

    Hope that you have a pleasant walk soon, Quandry.

    You put my very thoughts into words, Musky; thanks much!



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