So i'm in trouble with my mother again! (Just venting)

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  • LucyA

    Although we were born-ins three of quit Being JW for various reasons the only one still in is my brother (who’s devout) he also converted his wife. so here it is both my sisters were born two weeks apart and we decided we should all get together and celebrate their birthdays they got presents it was a fun day.

    But here the fun part I get a call from my mother ask why we had "EXCLUDED" our brother our response he doesn't celebrate birthdays we were respecting his beliefs and my mother goes into a rant about us not caring for HIM this is a man who doesn't return our phone calls takes every opportunity to lecture us and show total disregard for our beliefs or feelings.

    So if we invite him where not respecting his beliefs and if we don’t where excluding him! WTF!!!!

  • sacolton

    It's a damned if you do - damned if you don't moment. You can't win, so just shrug it off and forget about it.

  • cantleave

    You will never win when a JW starts the circular argumentation technique.

  • shiatsu58

    My mother is as bad, I used to get irate about it, but the problem is she keeps interfering between my brother and me, we are both non believers, but she spreads tittle tattle, I told her the other day to try and study harder because I dont think she understands the term love, i also said that according to the JWs you should be happy and positive, so I told her she needs to ask for a refund because it aint working

  • Finally-Free

    Stop being such a silly girl! Your brother is a MALE! More importantly, he's a SPIRITUAL MALE! You should respect his spiritual superiority and obey his fine counsel. You should invite him, feed him, and pay attention to his upright wisdom!

    Ok, I'll stop now. I'm making myself gag.


  • shiatsu58

    So why doesnt my mother respect me then???

  • Hopscotch

    shiatsu58 said

    i also said that according to the JWs you should be happy and positive, so I told her she needs to ask for a refund because it aint working

    That's priceless shiatsu58. I love it. Will have to remember it when the opportunity comes up with a JW.

    LucyA - I learnt the hard way with my JW family that once you leave JWs whatever you say or do is wrong and whatever they say or do is right. Can't win with them.

    All the best


  • shiatsu58

    Thanks Hopscotch, my mum maintains she is happy and positive, I said so your unhappy face and moaning about the system etc is all a disguise then??

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Tell her that you will help her to put on a big party to celebrate her next birthday. She can invite whoever she wants.

  • LucyA

    thanks everyone!

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