The Last Extinction What Caused It?

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  • frankiespeakin

    I've been hunting around on the Nova site-"Last Extinction"

  • villabolo

    Frankiespeaking: "I've been hunting around on the Nova site-'Last Extinction'"

    Don't know what Nova says but I'm satisfied with the Clovis Culture hypothesis. In many other parts of the world, usually islands you find, in microcosm, the same pattern of extinction. Man arrives, soon after animals go extinct. There are those who want to jerry rig some improbable cause such as a widespread disease but that doesn't explain the islands just mentioned. In those islands the extinctions happened thousands of years after the extinctions in the American continents. Furthermore the isolation of islands from each other set up a natural barrier against the spread of disease.

    What's more we had far more than just Mammoths die. Horses, not the ones introduced to North America several hundred years ago but their wild undomesticated ancestors. We also had camels in California. Camels evolved in this continent and spread from east to west during one of our many ice ages through the land bridge between Alaska and Siberia. We also had several species of Bison back then but only one survived here when contact was made with the Plains Indians. It is unlikely that one disease spread to such a wide variety of animals. Huge bears bigger than a grizzly and saber toothed tigers to make things interesting.

    I think that what lies beneath the surface of people who promulgate the idea that these extinctions were cause by disease or any thing else but man don't want to face up to the fact that Tribal society could wreck their environment just like farmers and modern society. They have a romantic notion about man living in harmony with nature. Nature though has it's own agenda.


  • Farkel

    :The Last Extinction What Caused It?


  • frankiespeakin


    I agree. There will always be extinctions going on,, regardless of man in nature, man of course is a super predator, hunting in groups, planning ahead of it's prey, cunning, a real opportunist,, with a growing intelligence of how to exploit what ever can be exploited.

  • Satanus

    Even nature doesn't always do well. It has suicided parts of itself, once or twice. Couple of the earlier extictions were probably caused by the juggling of the levels of the major gases in earth air. To much or too little carbon dioxide or oxygen and you get extinctions caused directly, or from a cascade of events.


  • Awen

    A huge meteor striking the Yucatan Penisnsula, causing the earth's axis to tilt, giving us seasons and no longer a tropical environment in which the dinosaurs lived. Also it could have caused a global flood, and threw huge amounts of debris into the sky that would have blotted out the sun for a year, the same amount of time Noah was in the Ark.

    Never thought of that one did ya?

  • bohm

    awen: you know that rotational energy of earth is about 2*10^29 joules right? an asteroid large enough to change earths rotational axis, precession, etc. would need to contain at least a fraction of that energy (potential, kinetic, etc). Dont you think that would be significant in a boil-away-the-oceans kind of way?

    Other problem: Where is the global irridium layer? Where is the dust in the ice cores?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Never thought of that one did ya?

    We didn't think of that because it is was millions of years before Noah. Check your sources.

  • frankiespeakin


    I doubt that Noah would have survive that one with his ark even if thought it happened about about a 100 million years ago, as Black S said according to all the evidence found on the earth crust.

  • PSacramento

    The last extinction?

    Someone pissed off Chuck Norris, and you never, ever, wanna piss off Chuck Norris.

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