underling++ = spirtuality++

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  • highdose

    dos anyone remember how the dubs used to try and show how spirtual they were by how much they had underlined their watchtower?

    this also happened to their bibles too, i saw one that was almost unreadable due to the mass of neon coloured highlighters and scribbles in the margin, myself i used to think "oooh they must be sooo spirtual!" but really... how hard is it to agree with brain washing when your brain washed yourself? i used to do my watchtower prestudy in 10 mins flat, in fact i could underline while watching the TV and eating dinner! and i still got the answers right!!! hahaha

  • M*A*S*H

    I used to just highlight the word 'Jehovah' and 'Jesus' as a teenager... that was about 50% of the answers correct.

    I preferred to cover my bible and Watchtower in dribble, usually accumulated whilst attempting to sleep during meetings.

    Eventually I learnt to sleep with my eyes open, could successfully look up Ecclesiastes 1:29 (or some such), and even raise my hand randomly and say 'Geehova, zzzzz, zzzz' if a mic broke my line of dribble whilst dreaming away contently.

    Of course the biggest danger in sleep was the "electric violent head nod of sleep distress" (you guys know what I mean), which could be accompanied by a random outburst (or a sound similar to one acheived by poking a pig with a stick) - experts again learned to blurt out "Geesus, aymen, men, ahmen, <sigh>, zzzzz zzzzz zzz ".

    Some of these techniques serve me well in my career today.

  • Newborn

    Not to mention how spiritual you were if you brought and used the big study version of the bible!!!

    Hey, that heavy book can bring back pains to anyone!!

  • peacedog

    A DF friend of mine is trying to get reinstated (for family). He approached the elders about it a couple weeks ago after attending meetings for six months. One of the reasons they gave him for their NOT reinstating him was that they had noticed his Watchtowers were not underlined........

  • highdose

    newborn: i'd forgotten all about the big bible thing! i knew one ultra brother who was never without it, even took it on the ministry with him!

  • wobble

    I never used to underline, I always felt you should have a good grasp of the subject at hand and comment as the Spirit moved you.

    The same with talks, I only had a bare outline, sometimes nothing at all for a short talk, and speak from the heart.

    I guess with ideas like that it was inevitable that I would leave.



  • straightshooter

    How you brought back memories of handling the mics and spying on others Watchtowers to see if "they studied" by underlining their magazines.

    One gauged the spirituality of others by the marks in their literature. How funny it is now, but back then it was a serious matter.

  • JWoods

    Did you ever just underline everything as a form of passive-aggressive behavior? A sharpie highlighter can last about 2 study articles by this method.

    I have actually conducted the WT study many times without even reading the damn thing. If you cant read ahead one 5th grade level paragraph at a time and come up with the canned answer, you probably were better off not having tried going to college anyway.

  • Casper
    i used to do my watchtower prestudy in 10 mins flat,

    Me too...

    I hated when certain ones would sort of wave theirs around so all could see. One older brother always held his in his hand when trying to get called on to answer, it was blinding.

    Then of course, there were those that roamed around checking to see who did and who didn't.

    Where is the "spirituality" in all of that ? Sadly, it was all just for "Show".


  • Goshawk

    Reminds me of Matt. 6:1,16.

    Used those two versus when a hyper hounder wanted to know why I didn't underline and rejected the reason of a good memory as not acceptable.

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