New From HAPPYDUB Inc: The "Between-Doors-Buddy"

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  • Rumspringa

    Hi all. Over on JWR, I'm known as Nightgoat. This is my first post on JWNET as Rumspringa .Thought I'd take some shots @ the org from your corner of the pool.

    A new site "The Laughing Apostate" is soon to be up that specialize's in anti-dub humour for those that have been out for awhile & whose scar tissue won't mind some sick n' twisted org-bashing.


    Tired of working by yourself 4 days a week? - Sick of being the only one @ the weekly am service meetings?

    Had enough discouragement being yelled at for 3.0 hrs in a row without anyone to complain too?



    Frothing rottweilers, shotguns shoved in the face, naked middle-aged men, & Baptists....ALL take a heavy toll on our precious full-time ministers! And there's nothing worse...than having to go to the next door ALL ALONE!

    Well, NOT ANY MORE!

    "THE BETWEEN DOORS BUDDY", comes with his own (lambs-skin) briefcase, Awake mag, & smug, self-righteous "I'm a pioneer-&-you're-not" expression.

    Genuine lambs-wool means, you can stay out in hail, snow, catagory 4 tornadoes & "BETWEEN DOORS BUDDY" will still look as pious as the day he left Gilead!



    ".....I talk to My "Between Doors Buddy" when I have'nt placed a thing all day & he listens to me complain about my husband's excessive shepperding calls to sister ****'s place, 6 days a week." - sister teresa Hughes

    "...."Between Doors Buddy" is the only witness I will work with anymore. He'll jump between the door-frame whenever a householder tries to slam the door on us! And not a drop of blood!" - sister Betty ashhole

    "....I use "Between Doors Buddy" as my householder for #4 talks. He's great on 'gestures' !!!" - sister Nan Reality

    Order now!...And we'll throw in a 6 months supply of Antipsychotic meds, Risperdal. FOR FREE!


    Limited Time Offer $29.95 (shipping & handling inc')

    Operators are standing by,
    nightgoat (Rumspringa) & son of nightgoat

    Disclaimer: HappyDub is not responsible for Multiple personality disorder, which is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). At the onset of such symptoms, please see a doctor and/or a psychiatrist."

    "Between Doors Buddy" may cause social withdrawal, psychosis, & dry mouth & irritability.

  • foolsparadise
  • finallysomepride

    Love it, can'wait for the site to be up & running & welcome to jwnet

  • bohm

    haha! :-). So Baptists are the worst?

  • Rumspringa


    Right up there with pentecostals. Many times going in the d to d work, hoping to hell that the next call would be a catholic & not someone familiar with their religion.

    (Coming up. "Deaden Your Member Mitts". )



  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    That was great

  • Heaven

    Rumspringa, Welcome! Thanks for the laughs! I think Lamb Chop might take exception though.

    (Coming up. "Deaden Your Member Mitts". )

    OH MY!

  • dissed

    Glad to have you aboard the good ship JWN

  • Quandry

    Just saw this and it is hilarious! Wish I'd had one of them when I went out in service!!!

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