My reply to "Sad email from italian Bethel"

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Recently i started this thread:

    Here I posted mail from my good friend, who works for years in italan WT printery and is recently downsized:


    Hello ALBERT
    how are you? and Mrs. Einstein and the kids? Do you know about the big changes in our
    branch? We're closing the printery and some bethelites reassigned to the
    field. I'm one of them. I will be leaving Bethel ........., 2010. That's a
    big change, but I'm not too sad, it will be a nice opportunity to use my
    experience at Bethel for the congregation, I'm planning to move abroad. I
    was thinking about going to ................, there are some small congregations.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care, ................


    I was wondering what to answer to seed at least some thoughts in his mind and still not to insult him. So here is my answer.

    Feel free to comment on that:


    Dear .......,

    Mrs. Einstein and me were very glad to receive your mail, although we were not
    happy about the sad news.

    Yes, I have read about the changes in italian branch on the internet some
    time ago. We also heard spanish Bethel should be downsized as well,
    as well as the headquarters in Broklyn are being sold step by step and
    US branch being moved to Walkill, Patterson and the new location in
    Ramapo. Sale of several assembly halls (Sweden, Denmark ...)is done
    or on the way...

    I must admit this troubles us, since we were taught we are just "months
    - not years" (as stated in our publications) from Armageddon and Jehovah
    is supposed to "speed up" the work in the last days.

    I belive there is an explanation to whats happening and we must seek
    the answers...

    However we were happy to hear about your plans to move to ........! ......... is a great country, I was there once and I loved it!

    ........, you are a great guy, we are sure wherever you go and whatever
    you do, you will be happy and you will live a great live. We will be
    very happy if you could come over to visit us. If it is possible, just
    let us know!

    Thanks for the nice picture of your family! Its great to have a family
    and good relationships within the family.

    How is .....and all the other guys doing? Please give our hugs to them!

    We wish you joy a lots of strenght in these days!


  • wantstoleave

    Sweet reply :)

  • asilentone

    I like the letter.

  • judi8751

    The letter is absolutely are a true friend to him, hope he will realise that very soon

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Great Reply, simple but will get the receiver thinking ah maybe LOL

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I thought it was great too. I will give him a lot to think about in a none threating way.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Thanks you friends for your kind responses, email is sent and I really look forvard to reply ... (if there will be any...).

    If yes, I will let you know...


  • cantleave

    Nicely put Albert. Lets hope it gets him thinking.

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