The Ark and shells/creatures

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  • wantstoleave

    Sorry if it's been covered before....

    I'm struggling with the flood. Media has reported over the years finding bits of this and that (the ark) on top of a mountain. Seashells are often found high on hills or mountains. Bones of creatures found high in the mountains. You get the picture. So does this prove the flood really happened? For those that say no, can you tell me how you dismiss these finds? I'm just really stumped about what to believe

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I bet you can't show us any evidence that anyone has actually found a piece of ark.

    The shells on the mountains in New Zealand are on what was the sea floor many thousands of years before any flood on the other side of the planet sparked Middle Eastern legends while our flightless, non-swimming, birds and reptiles basked in our sunshine.



  • wantstoleave

    Thanks for your reply Chris

    In answer to your question, I don't know, other than there have been many media articles and programs over the years suggesting artifacts from the ark, and pieces of it have been found. I've looked at many websites, this one was interesting:

    which shows lots of pictures, aerial photos etc.

    If it is indeed Noah's ark, then the bible would be right. Right? Still trying to get my head around all this.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    These birds can't fly, let alone swim.

    Why would killer god bother to transport them all the way to the Middle East to be saved in Noah's ark and them transport them all the way back again?

    & not just them.... all manner of birds, insects and reptiles unique to New Zealand.

    I was watching a TV doco about our birds tonight. We have bones of huge, flightless, moas here that fell into a cave 20,000 years ago. That is before creation, let alone the flood. They only became extinct a few hundred years ago when the Maoris ate the last one.

    Some of the pyramids predate the flood and don't have flood damage.

    Chinese dynasties predate the flood.

    The Australian Aborigines were drawing pictures of the Rainbow Snake 12,000 years before Adam & Eve and were still in Australia after the flood along with koala bears, etc.. The Rainbow Snake is the oldest continously held religious belief, older than Jehovah, Baal and all of that lot, and survived the flood.

    There isn't a single branch of earth science that doesn't have evidence contradicting a worldwide flood.

    Here is another page from squidoo



  • bohm

    WANTSTOLEAVE: The 'reports' of having found noahs ark are all false, and all semi-credible creationists admit this (evne jv). The things that have been 'found' are either a) fakes or b) easily explainable geological formations which are being interpreted as noahs ark by non-experts (the link fall in the later type).

    BLACKSHEEP is spot on, what is montains today was once seafloor. Its really a case of circular logic - you assume that the mauntains was created by the flood (which is impossible to, but hey, who gives a damn about plate tectonics anyway!), and then you get a 'problem' with the seashells which somehow proove the ark.

    The problem with noahs ark is that there is simply no evidence for it, only a particular interpretation the bible. On the other hand, there is a mountain of evidence against noahs ark. You can find a brief introduction to the main lines of evidence against noahs ark here:

    Here is a little thing that is worth to think about: The energy released if one de-orbit 1 kg of ice at 400km height is enough to raise the temperature of 1kg. water about 1000K. De-orbiting something like an entire sea would set the atmosphere on fire and pretty much kill all life on earth. How that process should somehow deep-freeze mammoths is left as an exercise to the reader.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    For those that say no, can you tell me how you dismiss these finds?

    There so far is not one single credible proof of Ark being found... Dont you think if there was one, it would be the most important archeological findings in mankinds history? More important than dinosaurs and whatever else...? All the world would be aware of that and it would be in all history books? But there is nothing...

    Look on the picture provided on the site you mentioned... If the ark was this big, would you fit in all the animals in the world and food for them? Were you ever in a ZOO?


  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    The genetic bottlenecking that would have occurred as a result of taking animals in 2 by 2 (or even 7 by 7) would have caused most of the animals to have died out from genetic diseases by now, including the humans, of whom there were only 8!

  • recovering

    here is a site that gives very scientific evidence that there was no flood

  • TD
    Seashells are often found high on hills or mountains

    I find seashells in the mountains all the time, but they are never real calciferous seashells, like you find at the beach, they are always fossils.

    There is a huge difference...

  • villabolo

    I highly recommend the book Science and Earth History by Arthur Strahler. It deals with the Creationism/Evolution issue from the scientific perspective. It has 500 oversize, fine print pages covering every aspect of Creationism including the Flood.


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