Coded Phone number for Kingdom Hall attendence.

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  • Joshnaz

    I just learned the the Kingdom Halls have a coded phone number for listening in on the Sunday Meetings. For my area the phone number is 623-748-1908. When it asks you for the code dial 623293. You can enter the number of listeners and you are counted in attendance. I just wanted to let everyone here know and see what everyone's thought's were.

  • PEC

    Can you enter zero for number of listeners?


  • truthseekeriam

    Good question PEC..I'll try Sunday and let you know.

  • GLTirebiter

    My Ex wrote the number and code for her KH on the cover of our phone book, but I'm not going to post it. Why encourage anybody to harass them by tying up the line (multi-line service is not cheap)? Why give the elders Brownie Points for artificially inflated attendance? How can I insist they leave me alone if I won't do the same for them? As I see it, these private numbers and codes are a case of "Do unto others..." Sure, there's a human instinct to get even with those who have hurt us--but we can rise above that, with the Lord's help.


  • cattails

    No you can't enter 0 for listeners. I've tried.

    Also the service at least at our congregation are provided by a company by the name of KHConf it was suggested by a CO that our congregation make use of it as we had so many elderly and impaired who were getting delivered cassette tapes.

  • SirNose586

    My ex-hall has that system. I actually give them kudos for doing it this way. When I used to do the sound, I'd always have to juggle tying in confused grandmothers and equally confused sick publishers who had troubles with calling back on the phone line. It was a two-step process that often didn't work, because everyone had to call in first and then call the tie-in number. Often people would just call into the tie-number, and they'd get the spot.

    When I told the attendance lackey that I didn't know how many were listening because the people who called to request the tie-in line were pushed out of the way by people who simply went to the first available spot, I would get chewed out for not stopping them.

  • PEC

    LOL @ GLT, don't you know there is no, Lord, God, Jehovah, Allah, FSM . . .


  • Gregor

    Phone?...I don't need no stinking phone!

  • kurtbethel

    How quaint. I wonder why the IT people in that hall do not stream the audio on the net. It does not take a college degree to do that.

  • PEC

    Because, the internet is Satan.


  • BluesBrother
    wonder why the IT people in that hall do not stream the audio on the net

    Because the little old ladies who cannot make the meeting do not have the net, or computers....

    My wife's congo does the telephone thing..It is supposed to be strictly limited to the "shut ins" who really cannot make it. If too many log on, the last ones cannot cannot get through.

  • NotBlind


    In my old hall, the telephone tie-in consisted of a speaker, a twisted wire coat hanger, and a telephone. When the shut-in called the hall to listen in, I would hang the phone receiver over the coat hanger so it dangled right next to the speaker - just close enough to let the shut-in listen at home.

    Kingdom Hall? IT Department? Those two phrases don't belong in the same sentence...

  • watson
    provided by a company by the name of KHConf

    A sub corp of WTS?

  • curiousc

    I have never been a witness nor been to any witness event / meeting etc. I used the above information to "see" what it was like - my impressions were "woah, it sounds like everyone is reading from a script." Nonetheless I wanted to check it out again, but the above mentioned code has now been changed. Does anyone else have phone number and code for the meetings so I can continue my "experience."



  • blondie

    I had such a number and I always put zero.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Question Box, OKM, November 2009

    Excerpt from Paragraph 1

    "Hence, the elders overseeing such an arrangement would want to organize and monitor its use so that "all things take place decently and by arrangement." "

    Excerpt from Paragraph 2

    "Elders will see to it that priority is given to publishers in their congregation with chronic illness or infirmity or who are otherwise shut-in."


    IMO, if the elders think that "non-legitimate" users are listening in, they'll change the PIN.

    I remember a fellow elder mentioning to me after an elder's meeting that "the apostates might be listening in". My reply was along these lines: "Why is that a concern? The meetings are open for apostates to attend as long as they're not being disruptive, right?"

    He replied something along the lines of "Well, why should we make it any easier for them to access the information and then twist it for their own purposes?"

    I suppose he had a valid point if you view it as "spiritual warfare".


  • Gayle

    Do they use this for memorial talks? Would that facility hike up the "attenders" numbers higher than normal?

  • smithmandy1

    ive tried this pin and it does work. is there a new one? lol. does anyone have the login for an english cong? if you have can you email it to smith.mandy23 "at" gmail dot com?

  • biometrics

    When I started fading, the brothers noticed my absence and thought I wasn't well. So they gave me the local KH's dial in number to my wife. I think my wife used it once on speaker phone.

  • oppostate

    the pin numbers from KHCONF are usually the area code followed by three more numbers.

    There's an administrator pin that establishes the conference.

    There's also an attendant pin that gives you the total number of listeners.

    Then there's two other pins, one for listening only and one for listening and commenting.

    If they change the listening pin they usually don't change the other pins.

    It may take some time and repeated dialing, but you could guess at the last three numbers after the area code and get in on the conference with luck.

    The local administrator of the account can log into

    and see who called in and for how long. If they see any strange numbers, like

    numbers outside the area code they'll try to do a reverse look up to see who the

    phone belongs to, and if they can't find out they will discuss the need to change

    the pin number, then publishers who want to listen in have to call the Coordinator

    for the new pin before the meeting. That's the standard procedure locally.

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