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    Some of you may be aware of the JW offshoot in the 1940s after the Judge died, they call themselves True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses and are essentially JW's in every way, shape and form, wiwth some minor differences. Found this on you tube, from one of their conventions:

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    RR: Are these folks a world wide organization? Are they just as controlling and dictatorial as the regular jw's? What are some of the minor differences.

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    Interesting! So that's where they got the idea for the new song harmonies? Hmmm.

    Looks to me like the Watchtower meets Mormon Tabernacle Choir wanabees...

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    Very interesting! I didn't even know about that. I am curious to see what the differences are between the two.

    Do they also have a "faithful and descreet slave"? lol

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    this is very interesting...found this site.

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    "GOD’S KINGDOM IS AT HAND" Assembly of "The True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses"

    LOL...Sounds very familiar. I believe that was the convention for 2006 which was titled "Deliverance at Hand" by the "real" JWs

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    After the Judge died, the Society under Knorr and Franz began making changes, refining some of Rutherford's doctrines. As a result a split happen. The groip is mainly in Romania, with about 30,000 followers at the time. They were discovered after the fall of communism. The Society sent their representatives and found 3 sets of Jehovah's Witnesses. Bible Students who took the name Jehovah's Witnesses, but only studied Russell's writings, the Rutherfordites, and the JW's. The Society tried to convince them of the new light, but many of them didn't buy into.

    Some of the differences seem minor to me, one that I know of is they stick to Rutherford's interpretation that the Supreme authories are Jehovah and Jesus. They do have groups of supporters throughout Europe, Africa and Canada. Their International conventions have delegates from all 4 corners.

    There is a former member of this groip on the net by the name of Rus Virgil.


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    look to what I've found... here


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    RR check your pm.

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