Jehovah Witness net - Bug

by redvip2000 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • redvip2000

    Has anybody else noticed a bug with this website, where once you Publish your post, only a section of it is actually posted.

    This happens to me about half the time. I'm not sure if it only happens with Firefox on a MAC, but i will try on a different browser.

    I got to the point where i actually copy my post, then publish it, and then go back to it and paste the text again, so i don't have to write the whole thing again.

  • zeb
    Im on FF and dont have the prob.
  • rebel8
    I have that problem sporadically in Firefox and I'm on a PC.
  • jonza
    I'm on FF and have that problem frequently. It's very strange, as just certain portions are removed.

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