How to get rid of the mold on the baseboard in one of my bathrooms?

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  • asilentone

    I googled for solutions on the internet, some say use bleach, some say don't, etc......I am kinda of confused, so thats why I am turning to you for help. Thanks!

  • snowbird

    A solution of vinegar and baking soda.

    Spray or rub on and let stand for ... oh, about one hour.



  • JeffT

    Repaint with a product called "Kilz" it works wonders. It is really the primary coat, so you'll need to do a second coat on top of it.

  • avishai


  • Finally-Free

    Alternatively you can replace the baseboard. It's a great excuse to go out and buy a compound mitre saw.


  • Gregor

    The home products work temporarily. Kilz lasts longer.

  • RubaDub

    We have tile instead of wooden baseboards and it never mildews.

    But then, this is Florida and tile is used everywhere here.

    Rub a Dub

  • undercover

    Place WT magazines along the perimeter of the bathroom, facing the baseboards. Stand in the middle of the room and say aloud JEHOVAH several times as you circle, facing each wall for several seconds and then pray outloud for the mold demons to vacate the premises.

    If that fails, clean them with bleach and repaint using stain/mold resistant paint, like Kilz.

    If you try the first method, please videotape and post here...

  • sacolton

    You are all wrong ...

    The correct JW answer is:

    Perhaps you're not doing enough in your ministry work. Put more hours in. Jehovah takes care of his own.

  • DJK

    I have never had a problem with a solution of bleach and water. For the small cracks you can't scrub easily I use an old tooth brush. An unwanted toothbrush is a very valuble tool sometimes, I always save a few in my tool box.

  • donuthole

    If it is just on the surface of the wood soap and water will clean it off though it may still be stained. Bleach isn't recommended for mold.

  • asilentone

    I am going to use the bleach and water to clean it, should I rub it on the baseboard or just pat on it? Thanks!

  • restrangled

    Carefully remove the baseboards and wipe all surfaces with a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Let dry. Wipe the wall and floor behind the baseboard with the same solution and let dry.

    Reinstall the base boards.

    Best solution is to install a venting fan and let run for an hour after everyone is done showering.


  • musky

    Install an exhaust fan to reduce the amount of mold in the first place.

  • AGuest

    Peace to you!

    Actually, ALL of these suggestions will work... temporarily (well, I'm not totally sure about the WTs and ritualistic chant/dance thing). Your problem is that you got/are getting moisture in your bathroom some kind of way... and if that problem isn't resolved the "mold" WILL come back (where you've used bleach/vinegar/soap; perhaps not so much where you've used the Kilz, but it'll find another place to show up).

    If your baseboard has "mold" because you had a tub/toilet overflow, you might also need to check the drywall/plaster behind it... perhaps even cut out and replace some of that. You will at least need to remove the baseboard and let the wall dry out.

    If you didn't have an overflow, you might have a tiny leak behind the wall that's puddling at the bottom, so that "mold" shows at the baseboard.

    If no leak/overflow... then you most probably have a ventilation problem which is easily remedied:

    1. Always open the window during and/or after bathing/showering, if you have one and if you can (obviously, if it's pouring down raining, that might not be the thing to do just then); and/or

    2. Turn on the fan, if your bathroom has one, whenever you're bathing/showering or running the hot water for any length of time. Check and make sure the fan is clean (dust can build up in there and interfere with the fan's purpose); and/or

    3. Leave the door open during and/or after bathing/showering; and/or

    4. If your bathroom doesn't have a window OR a fan... invest in an inexpensive dehumidifier.

    Finally, if you hang your wet towels (or other clothes) in the bathroom, spread them out so that they can dry properly (as well as open the window/door, turn on fan, etc.)

    Not trying to be a know-it-all, truly, but I have dealt with a LOT of mold, household and otherwise, in my usual profession (housing administrator, and we have to get "certified" re mold, asbestos, lead, etc., every 2 years)... and have seen people bleach and bleach away... only to have the "mold" (actually, it's most likely mildew, which is mold in its very early stages) come back time and time again. You have to deal with what's causing it... or you'll be back down there is a couple months.

    I hope this helps... and I bid you peace,

    SA, property management diva, on her own....

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