Recent Belgium TV expose' about JWs on YouTube. Need a French translator to tell us basically what was said

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Voici (enfin…) sur YOU TUBE le reportage LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (diffusé par la télévision Belge RTBF (La Une) DEVOIR D'ENQUETE le 23/09/2009)
    Pour se conformer au format exigé par YT, c'est découpé en 7 parties d'une durée de +/- 10 min.

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 1#7) 9:42

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 2#7) 9:52

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 3#7) 9:48

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 4#7) 9:44

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 5#7) 9:36

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 6#7) 9:41

    LE MONDE PARFAIT DE JEHOVAH (partie 7#7) 5:37

  • Frank75

    My french is rusty but this series is explosive. I hope some good translation can be done so everyone can understand what these journalists have exposed about the Tesmoines de Jehovah!



  • Gerard

    The title is "Jehova's Perfect World". It is more like an inside look at the religion as it happens in Belgium. Nothing new, really.

    Part 1 - Members are under constant psychological stress. Pedophile paradise. Most new baptisms are on kids of current JWs.

    Part 2 - Multiple failed prophesies on armageddon --> fear-based so that must seek safety within compliance with the Watch Tower. 24,000 members in Belgium. Refused to answer challenging questions not trained to respond to. Organizers of the convention refused to be interviewed. The woman with the X-mas tree and a daughter said the religion attempted to isolate them, she saw limited choices for her daughter. Children are explicitly threatened with destruction by Jehovah, by monstruous beasts, or by Satan. WT imposes rules on all aspects of their daily life.

    Part 3 - Children are bullied and teased at school for being 'cult members', undergoing isolation & depression. Reporters speak of shunning. A psychotherapeute states that JW children are unable to develop normally in the areas of emotion and afection. Ex-JWs describe their experience, exit and difficulty adapting to the real World. Higher education is discouraged.

    Part 4 - Psychologist says he was misquoted in JW publications, he states the JWs live in an "incomplete reality". JWs have no freedom of choice or thought. They speak of the effects of shunning, which has prompted an important law suit with basis on "discrimination"; the first round of it was won by the WT. Blood transfussion refusal makes them a "martyrs cult". Belgian physicians respect an adult's refusal to transfusion but -by law- will not comply if the patient is a minor. Many children died before this law.

    Part 5 - Surgeon Philipe Van der Linden says he and his colegues were misquoted by WT publications. The French parlamentary commission on sects has noted the JWs as a "dangerous sect"; the belgian parliament on sects is also working on a similar statement or recommendation; under such possible new law, there could be criminal prosecutions of those responsible for causing dangerous psychological unstability to others. The reporter mentions the labor of Bill Bowen & Silent Lambs, and their complaint/warning filed before the European Union.

    Part 6 - Reporter explains what a JC is, that one teen woman (Joelle) was forced to describe the violence she received, and later she commited suicide. Hidden camera captures one of the involved elders who refused to notify the authorities and prevented the girl and mother from doing so. WT spokesperson denies this and states the "policy is to report'; however, they showed the official 1995 WT letter to all congregations in Belgium it instructs to "report to the WT." Clergy confidenciality is a loophole in Belgium to not report to police. WT Belgium denies a single case of pedophile in their ranks; children survivors of sexual abuse were interviewed.

    Part 7 - Thi sparticular victim did go to the police, and received the displeasure of the elders for 'staining the image' of the JW congregation. Most of the ex-JW interviewed have rebuilt their lives.

  • TheOldHippie

    Nothing new, then, just that the joint French-Belgian anti-"sect" crusade continues ............ Gotta love them good old Catholics!

  • dissed

    I wish they would show this here in the USA

  • carla


  • quietlyleaving

    nice to see Europe addressing human rights issues re JWs

  • Narkissos

    From the first catchy phrases in the opening I expected the worst but it was actually good.

    What is possibly a bit misleading is the mix of old and new policies on the child abuse issue. For instance I doubt the reference to confession secret or clergy confidentiality in the 95 letter to the BOE is still valid in view of the evolution of European legislation, and that this letter reflects current WT policy in Belgium (as some participants in the TV program post here they may tell us more). In France denunciation of even reported child abuse to the (secular) authorities has been mandatory without exception for a few years now, and the WT has adapted to the new legislation fairly quickly if I'm not mistaken.

    One particularly interesting pending case in Belgium (the lawyer defending an exJW was interviewed somewhere in the program) has to do with the conformity (or lack thereof) of the WT "shunning instructions" to the European law on discrimination. If I have followed the latest developments correctly, now the WT has to prove that its instructions are non-discriminatory (reversal of the burden of proof)...

  • purplesofa

    thanks for the post and the translation,


  • skeeter1

    I wish I understood French. The captions above are very helpful. I can't imagine that the "Truth" would have so many misquotes, hiding pedophiles, intimidatino, etc.

    I applaud the documentary producers.

    I am reading the NY Times Best Seller "Freakonomics". It has a chapter on the Klu Klux Klan. At one time, men joined the Klan to gain access to respectable society, access to business deals, etc. Police, government officials, and even judges were all part of the Klan. Two brave men brought down from Klan's numbers. They did it by exposing the Klan's secrets via the media. They exposed the secrets, and the secret society was severely damaged by lowered attendance. The same chapter goes on to explore the Internet and the drastic cost decreases to term-life insurance in the 1990's by the use of search engines that let consumers quickly compare different insurance companies. The high profits of term insurance dropped.

    I see the same thing happening here. Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses found the Internet and a way to compare our experiences. We discovered that many of us were witnesses to the same bad experiences inside the Kingdom Hall. This information has spawned websites that strictly expose the Watchtower. Pedophile lawsuits spring up, whose evidence confirmed our stories. The news media is interested in our stories. Via Internet and news media, the secrets of the Watchtower Society are being exposed.

    Ever fearful, the Watchtower vainfully tries to keep its followers innoculated from the Internet and "apostacy". But, the tried and true followers will just die off. There are no new ones to fill the seats.

    The best disinfectant is sunlight.


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