Is Your Favorite Kingdom Melody still in the New Songbook? Let's see

by cattails 11 Replies latest social entertainment

  • huxley2.0

    What? "Follow the warrior king!" got axed?

    That was like the Green Berets song to me when I was a kid.

    Theocratic patriotism at it's finest.

  • crownboy

    My favourite was 155. It's gone. (nice point about the song blondie ).

    Not sure why they had to change the songbook, I thought they already got rid of all the songs that had "Christendom's influence" from older versions.

    I did notice in watching the World Cup that the German national anthem had an eerie similarity to one of the songs in the newly defunct songbook (can't remember which song though). I guess Haydn wasn't considered a "bad influence".

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