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    My husband insisted that we go to the doors even if they had no trespassing sings. We have had guns drawn on us and shot up in the air. Scarred the hell out of me but my husband would still go back because that was what Jehovah demanded of us and we did not know for sure if they really meant that they truly did not want us there they might have just been having a bad day. OH MY GOD.

    When I look back at what I have been through in this religion I am so sad.

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    That is the hardest thing for me right now to deal with is the sadness at what I lost. I married an elder at the age of 24 and all I did was sit in the car. No dinners together, no time together, no family. We pioneered and lived 45 minutes from the hall. We had no money and my husband could not take me home after the meetings so I sat in the car as the kingdom hall was so small that I could here the elders meetings. No one ever offered to take me home.

    I am just so sad. I have quit going to the meetings but my husband still goes and still all the time he gives up and for what.

    Poignant, isn't it?


  • teel

    Welcome aboard girl! Group hug! I know it isn't a consolation, but know that many have been through similar experiences, and can give support here to ya. My marriage is also having a difficult time due to what's called affectionately on this forum as the Borg.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Haven't seen her posts [other than the excerpts you provided here], but Welcome to the board LifeIsTooShort.


  • Heartbreaker

    Yes! Welcome! I wish I could take you for a coffee and a chat.

  • Goshawk

    Welcome aboard LITS

  • snowbird

    Those are her total posts, A-K Jeff.

    Thank y'all for making her feel at home.


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  • VIII

    Life is too short.


  • BorgHater

    Welcome! You're right, life is too short to waste it serving the WTBTS. I'm glad you found this site, you will find plenty of support here

    BorgHater x

  • zoiks

    All too familiar-sounding comments. Welcome.


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