you dropped one......

by angel eyes 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • isaacaustin

    J-Duds. More accurate. hey i like that.

  • minimus

    Angel Eyes could be a troll

    Angel Eyes could be a doll.

    Angel Eyes could be a chick.

    Angel Eyes could be a dick.

  • mouthy

    Im proud to be a dud you know, spiritually i'll grow and grow,( Angel eyes said )

    But God said " Pride comes before a crash."

    James 4:16 "All such taking of pride is wicked"

    And proverbs 16:5 says Every one that is proud in heart is detestable to Jehovah"

    Get Christ in your heart Angel eyes He is the GREATEST In MY opinion

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    There are different types of proud...."proud" as in big headed....or "proud" as in proud to be a parent etc....yup Im Proud to serve Jah.

    James 4v16 talks of self assuming brags...clearly not me :)

    rev 22v18,19.xxxxx

  • Quirky1

    Happier than nuns in a pickle patch...

  • Joshnaz

    There once was a man from Nantuket. With a di** so long he could suck it. He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin, if my ear was a cu** I would fu** it.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    ugh.... I knew I shouldnt have read this troll's thread. It never ceases to amaze me how people who hate to hear negative things about the Borg continue to hang out in the one place they KNOW people have been hurt by it.

    Its like hating cigarette smokers and sitting next to the only ashtray in the building. Or hating drunks and hanging out in bars.

    If you dont like what you hear....why are you here??

    We like what we see and we love it

    If you dont agree, then just shove it.

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