This has to rate high on the most disturbing videos I've ever seen. (Warning people with weak stomachs should refrain)

by StoneWall 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • marmot

    Yeah, I've got one that pops up (HA!) on my inner thigh every so often, always the same location and usually after I've done a lot of walking like after a hike. Something disturbingly satisfying about squeezing the little bastard.

  • dissed

    Thanks for the warning. The comments were enough for me.

  • Odrade

    Didn't watch the video, the comments are enough. But yeah, it's not a zit, it's a cyst. And like Goshawk said, it's not enough to drain them, the cyst pocket needs to be removed surgically so it doesn't fill again. There's a high risk that, once opened, it can get infected, and since the cyst pocket goes pretty deep, this can be a big problem, not just a gross one. If you ever get one of these, it needs to be treated by a doctor.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I was waiting for an alien to pop out of that hole in his back.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Good lord, you all are dazed by a little puss? Think about what you put in your mouths every day of your life. Yeah, I know, no one wants to see sausage making.

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