Ever experienced a "glitch in the matrix"?

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  • HintOfLime

    Today, for about two hours, I was scratching my head over one of those simple, but (at the time) completely unexplainable events.

    A few days ago, I needed a sharpie, I had just bought a pack of 4 of them a few months back, and inevitably, they have all disappeared. I never found one.

    Today, around noon, I was reading a textbook (Molecular & Cell Biology for Dummies), and took out my notebook to jot some notes down that I knew I'd forget. I opened my desk drawer, and pulled out a pen - the only pen I keep in the desk drawer (along with a slide rule, 'pink pearl' eraser, and a 3.5" diskette even though I don't own any computer with a 3.5" drive anymore.) When I was done reading and taking notes, I thought to myself "That was cool, I should read a chapter out of this book every day, and take notes." And so, I carefully placed the book at the edge of my desk, placed my notebook on top, and the pen on top of that. I specifically set them there as a reminder to study again tomorrow.

    After dinner, I needed a pen to write my address on an envelope. I instantly remembered I had placed the pen on top of my notebook. I grabbed it, uncapped it, and discovered that I was holding a sharpie!


    For about 30 minutes I searched, looking for the pen. In the drawer, around the desk, in one of the books, under the keyboard... in the kitchen?.. GONE. And in its place one of the missing sharpies had magically appeared. I checked my notebook - I was definitely writing with a pen! A sharpie would have left a blurry mess.

    It wasn't until I went to the store a few hours later that I finally figured it out.

    While putting on my shoe, I realized something was in it - my pen! My shoes happened to be beside the desk, and by coincidence, I happened to take my shoes off at a different time than when I took my socks off.

    So at some point after I took off my shoes, the pen fell of the desk and into a shoe. Later, I took off my socks and threw them over my shoes. Thus, when I went looking for the pen, I'd assume it wasn't actually *in* the shoe. Meanwhile, at some other point in the day, I took my cat's climbing tree and moved it to the foyer. While in the foyer (I don't specifically recall this part), I must have noticed that about a month before I used a sharpie to write a message to the mailman. When I was done, I placed that sharpie beside a pot in the foyer. Absentmindedly, I must have grabbed that sharpie and placed it on the book at some point in the day, and then forgot I had done it.

    It's either that... or a glitch in the matrix!

  • Satanus

    Or, it could have been your cat...


  • freeman



  • cameo-d

    Satanus....that was my thought exactly!

    My cat is usually the culprit of missing pens. She likes to bat them around.

    Sometimes she knocks things off the desk on purpose...to get my attention!

    Hey...why do cats wag their tails when they are mad, yet dogs wag their tails when they are happy?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Dude, if you remember where sharpies were put a month ago, you have other problems than "the matrix."

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