Who Got Ink?

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  • passwordprotected

    Who got a tattoo/tattoos after leaving the WTS?

    How painful was it/were they?

  • parakeet

    A few weeks ago, I put on a fake tattoo butterfly just above my ankle to see what my family's reaction would be. I fooled my daughter-in-law, but my husband and son know me too well. They knew it was fake the instant they saw it.

    BTW, it was not painful in the least. And it came off with Scotch tape.

  • Cthulhu

    I got a seven inch baphomet on my left shoulder, a trapezoid/pentagram combination on my upper left, and a cthulhu underneath that. First one was worst...I briefly passed out. I was fine for the others. I actually have an appointment to get some work done on my right arm this very afternoon. It's going to be an oroboros with a modified lorraine cross worked in. How do ya post pictures on here (am still new and e-challenged)

  • Farkel

    :How painful was it/were they?

    I'll never do it it again. It hurt like hell!

    It was a small one and it hurt so much I started crying.

    And that was even before they peeled that decal off.

    Farkel, Henna CLASS

  • bluecanary

    I have always known that I am too fickel for a tattoo. Anything I think I like enough to get permanently attached to me could change. Case in point, I though I would be a JW for life. I would love to do some henna. That lasts for a couple weeks, but most businesses won't let you have visible markings and I needs me a job.

  • mrsjones5

    Oooo, henna is so cool. I saw a mom and daughter with henna tats on my boys' school. Loved it. Next time I see them I'm gonna ask where they got it done. Maybe I can do it before my family reunion comes up on the 10th of October, I got a lot of jw relatives.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I got two when I was baptized. I got some flak from other JW's but the elders never made a peep. The only painful part was on the backside of my arm. That skin is tender

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