2009 Sing to Jehovah Lyrics--PDF----by request!

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  • Pineapple

    oh and listening to the new piano music.. some of the old songs have changed tempo or on a difernt key or have a slight note change thats gonna throw everyone off.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Not sure if I want to or

  • Nosferatu

    Ah, the new "Sing to Jiggyboo" book and soundtrack.

    My question is... if you sing the OLD praises to Jehovah, is he gonna get pissed off because it's old light? Or will he still appreciate that you are praising him? If that's the case, then why have the old songs been retired? Why don't they just add to the praises so there's more selection?

    It really doesn't make sense that they chopped the praises down to nearly HALF of what they were. Well, it does if you're thinking about cost-cutting

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    They entirely changed verse 2 of the old standby "We're Jehovah's Witnesses". Now it reads:

    2. Proudly we declare God’s name,

    Bearing witness to his fame.

    News about his Kingdom,

    Boldly we proclaim.

    Others thus may come to see

    Truth from God that sets them free.

    As they grow strong, their voices they’ll raise,

    Joining with us to sing his praise.

    It used to be:

    "You’re my witnesses," God said, "Other Gods you need not dread.
    I am God Jehovah, Sovereign Lord and Head.
    I both saved and showed to you When no other gods you knew.
    Keep publishing my name near and far; Prove that my witnesses you are."

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Here's a video of one of the new songs performed by a choral group, about the resurrection hope:


  • AnnOMaly

    011 Making Jehovah's Heart Glad

    (Proverbs 27:11)

    UR - Interesting that they have sacrificed the verse about not turning from God's side, proving the Tempter a liar and delighting in God's principles (hello! isn't that where they see the Proverbs text as the song's theme?) in favor of keeping the verse about the "slave." It shows where their priorities lie.

  • Paulg123

    Thanks for posting the lyrics. Interesting that Song 100 in the old book called "Laud Jehovah Our God" is now called "Praise Jehovah Our God" the word Laud must have been iffy to some. In any case,i can't wait to use these. by the way,what are the completely new songs? most of these sound the same,based on the mp3's i downloaded. any help would be appreciated.

  • Sudhir


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I was at my parents a few weeks back and they were talking about the new songs. They were saying that most of the R&F JW's are not overly thrilled with the new songs but like all good dubs they will follow the company line. What is don't get is I can understand why they may change the words as per "new light" but they were saying they also have changed the melody which makes them harder to sing to. What is with that? Maybe they want to get rid of the old Franz and company era.

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