Women Make Monkeys Of Men

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  • Bangalore

    Vindication I (book, 1931) pp.156-157

    The church congregations of Christendom are attended chiefly by women, and women have much to do with the policy thereof. In many of the church organizations women occupy the pulpit and preach and prophesy. The numerous women's clubs have become a part of the political and religious organizations of Christendom. These female prophets mnke a display of human foresight and prudence. They wield a powerful influence over the men. Politicians and political clergymen among men no longer dare to speak in plain terms of women's proper place in the church or in the home, for fear of losing political influence and support.

    The women make monkeys or dupes of men. The men have become effeminate, soft and easily influenced, and have lost their real manhood and sturdiness in the affairs of state and home. For instance, when men are sitting at a table and a woman approaches, all the men arise and pay her homage and thereby elevate her to a place above men. The men remove their hats upon entering an elevator, if a woman is present; and these things are said to be acts of respect and to show that a man is a gentleman. But it is subtle, and the real meaning is much different from that. It is a scheme of Satan to turn men away from God and from his announced rule of the proper position of man and woman. The Lord has declared that no effeminate man shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. (1 Cor. 6:9) This proves that the scheme or habit of paying homage to women is not of God, but from the great enemy of God. It is a veneer of being a proper thing, and therefore it is more subtle than otherwise.


    PS Imagine if Rutherford said anything like that today in the United States.

  • BorgHater

    I had to read it twice to believe what i was seeing

    The WBTS don't print anything as extreme as this regarding women these days, but they sure as hell still think it.

    BorgHater x

  • Satanus

    They call it pussy power;))


  • glenster

    Kind understanding for "inferiors" part two--women

    1911 "God may do what he will with his own. But we do see a reason why he
    makes a choice. Woman is a figure of the Church and man is a figure of the Head
    of the Church. So we are told that woman should not be a teacher in the Church,
    but man should be the teacher.

    "And even outside of the Scriptural question, in human affairs, we seen no way
    in which a woman's interests are endangered, because every woman is either a
    sister of a man or the mother of a man or the daughter of a man. Hence the two
    sexes are so intimately related that it is unnecessary, for instance, that the
    whole family should go to the polls to vote, but the family is represented by
    the man and thus all have share in whatever shall be done in a city or town or

    "If this were otherwise we could imagine a very unsatisfactory condition in-
    deed. It would imply that man had lost one of the very prerogatives which is an
    element of manhood. On the other hand, it would imply a dereliction on the part
    of the woman. The Apostle reminds us of a woman's sphere. And any mother whose
    son does not respect her should keep very quiet. She has that child during all
    the years of infancy and youth. And if in all those years she does not command
    respect from that child, she is to blame.

    "We believe that if women would get the proper focus on this matter there
    would be an end to woman-suffrage. They would feel that they had a duty at
    home. There are exceptions to every rule. But Christian parents have said to
    us, If I had known the Truth sooner, I would have known how to be a better
    father, a better mother; but I was not taught anything as to the responsibili-
    ties upon me as a parent and what was meant by the proper training of a child."
    ("Watchtower Reprints," Jan.15, 1911, p.4749)

    (The views expressed on this program do not necessarily represent those of
    the owners of this station.)

    Also see "Love and money: Miracle Wheat and Charles' divorce from Maria" after
    1908 on the timeline at the next link.

    Shun the blight of so-called "love"--only marry for sex

    1937 "That Delusion Called Love": "God's consecrated people do well to re-
    frain from marriage unless they find themselves continually tormented with de-
    sire for sexual intercourse, in which case they should marry." "For those of
    the younger or older who have need to marry on this score, let them dispose of
    the matter in candor and honesty." It encouraged followers that the recommended
    course is "shunning the blight, the delusions and illusions of 'love' so called
    and courtship, which bring reproach on the holy name of Jehovah." ("The Golden
    Age," Jan.27, 1937) (See 1938 and 2000)

    Having children is discouraged

    1938 "...mark the words of Jesus, which definitely seem to discourage the
    bearing of children immediately before or during Armageddon.... It would
    therefore appear that there is no reasonable or scriptural injunction to bring
    children into the world immediately before Armageddon, where we now are." ("The
    Watchtower," Nov.1, 1938, p.324) (See 1937 and 2000)

    Who let this nut in the bedroom?

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    I have to wonder how he got along with his mother because it seems obvious to me his strong dislike for women and it must stem from something. Or was it just the times; that his views reflected what many men thought of women at that time? He would have lived through the women's movement and most likely was threatened by it.

  • Heaven

    Inferiors? This is subjugation at it's finest. I'm so glad I never joined.

  • flipper

    BANGALORE- A man removing his hat for a woman is a " scheme of Satan " ? Man , Rutherford was more F-----ed up than I knew. The entire JW cult was more F-----ed up than I knew. Thanks for printing this. Just reaffirms my decision was correct to stop going 6 years ago. Good gawd, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Bangalore

    Rutherford was quite a huge misogynist.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I believe he also refered to women as "a bag of bones and a hank of hair"


  • JWdaughter
    I think he was a total perversion of a human being.

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