Do you play the lottery?

by asilentone 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Twitch

    I play sometimes, usually when the jackpot is high. I'll buy a 10$ combo pack of numbers coz the odds are better, lol but I'm not addicted to gambing like some I see.

    I don't expect to win and I'm never disappointed but you won't win a thing if you don't play. Somebody out there somewhere wins a bag of cash,..

  • wantstoleave

    This is where I dont agree with the whole JW lottery ticket buying no no. To me, its no different then going into a store, buying a particular product because you can 'win' on it. Often, you dont even need or want the item you're buying, but only do so in hopes you may win a prize. Im sure most witnesses do that, yet to me, its like a lottery. There are no guarantees you'll win anything. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket one of these days :)

  • shopaholic

    Last week when buying gas, I considered buying a lottery ticket just because I could and supposedly the proceeds goes to public education. Anyway, in every area I've been in even buying a raffle ticket for a good cause was a no-no and considered gambling. Even free raffles are off limits in some area because its all based on luck.

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