U.S. Military Making Arrrests at G20?

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  • read good books
    read good books

    This is the same trick that the Feds pulled at the G 20 protests back in Seattle, the Feds sent paid shills in to pose as anarchists, they come out of the peaceful crowd of protesters smashing windows and throwing rocks and eventually the Police attacked with tear gas, rubber bullets and clubs, the shills are allowed to slip through an area controlled by some of the cops and the other cops go after the peaceful protesters and beat the crap out of them, and then arrest them and put them in a data base. I doubt all the cops knew of the anarchists that were shills.

    Then some of the cops went to the University of Pittsburgh and started tear gassing students on film who weren't even protesting, just walking around campus. those cops went after the students who were on their own campus and it's on film on U tube. Jason Bermas was there as a reporter and said he asked some of the supposed cops why they were in military fatigues, they stopped talking to him after he asked.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I can vouch for what 'read good books' is saying. What essentially happened is that there is a pedestrial bridge that crosses a main street (forbes). As the police came down to confront some protestors, students where hanging out to see what would happen. Eventually the path back up to their dorms was cut off and they were stuck breathing tear gas and all the rest. Seems like it was a real cluster____. Note to students, don't hang around police in riot gear, not a good idea.

    A professor from one of our areas colleges, Charles McCollester, was on democracy now discussing the situation. He expressed his reservations, not about the police from the city, but from the outsiders that didn't know or understand the terrain. I tend to agree.

    It would be interesting to find if we had shills here. I personally tend to believe that the people invovlved in the "protests" many times are out for their own glory, but who knows...

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