Please give me advice only if you are a whitness

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  • JeffT

    I'm an accountant, I've been in the business world for a long time. Here are my thoughts:

    It isn't clear from your post about the travel time. If it is travel time from the worksite to the employee's home he is not obligated to pay for it. If it is from the job site back to the shop, he is. At least not in the US, I'm not sure where you are.

    Contractor vs employee definitions can be slippery. If the "employee" has his own business license it may be legal.

    The business with the checks and paying in cash and not paying overtime is fraud. Call the local labor relations agency. He likely won't go to jail, but he'll have to pay his workers what they are owed, plus some hefty fines. I've seen a lot of people like this over the years, in my opinion getting spanked is good for them.

  • littlefry11

    yeah, he grew the company up with jehovah whitness's and they all ended up quiting on him eventually. He even had the nerve to pull in one of his workers because they were trying to quit on him and it was on paper. So he pulled him into a meeting or talk with other elders. Seems kinda retarded. But out of all the things he has done to his workers(paying half cash/ check, and not paying travel time home) they never stand up and say something in the congregation. Its lame in my opinion.He can bring someone in a talk with another elder for trying to quit on him, but he doesnt get introuble for clearly doing illegal stuff. Even my Grandmother has said i tried to screw them over by Simply posting questions on a forum about laws. I dont understand how its a bad thing, if my kid were researching laws and learning, that would be a positive thing. and yes the workers would take there van to the business premeses, so its illegal for him to not pay travel time home.

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