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    In the mid seventies, a family that i knew caught an elder peeping through the bathroom window at their 12 year old daughter...... I bet there were red faces all round. They didn't persue it, he had a very lame excuse as to why he was there! One of gods chosen holy spirit appointed!

  • dissed

    I can top yours.

    One of our Elders was late coming to the meeting, (school servant) and ran the stop sign just before the KH. A cop flipped on the lights and followed him into the KH parking lot to give him the ticket with lights continually on.

    Someone came in and said , "guess who's getting a ticket in the parking lot?" Several went out to see.

    But wait, it gets better!!

    The meeting needs to start and the School Servant is now delayed. The PO is PISSED!!

    Tells me to start the meeting. So I do while the School guy comes in during the Instruction Talk.

    There's more!!

    After the #1 he takes the stand and you can see he's mad, but blames the cop, "who must surely hate JW's to do such an awful thing to him."

    I turn to the PO to gauge his reaction. He's covering his face with his hands and head bowed. I'm now about to burst into laughter so I go to the bathroom to let it out. The PO follows me. We are laughing silently, almost to the point of gagging. I'm banging the wall with my fist.

    What makes this story better is the Elder is one SR who claims to be of the annointed and is always judging others.

  • lepermessiah

    I have heard this story from a number of reliable sources who watched this on the news. I was supposed to get a videotape of it, but my friend who I havent seen in years never sent it to me.

    There was a case here in the USA where a local TV channel did a "sweeps week" expose of local brothels and busting the men who visited them.

    Naturally, the promo showed one of local elders with his hand over his face saying "Oh, Jesus, God...........NO!"

    Here was one of the wonderful spirit appointed shepards dipping his wick at the local whorehouse!

    It was pretty well known that him and his wife were on the outs - now everyone knew why

    The best was people trying to make excuses for him after it happened............LOL

    I would love to see someone get that up on YouTube.

  • Farkel

    Even in 1970 POs were not allowed to explain the reason when someone was disfellowshipped, but our PO just couldn't hold it back. He gives this solemn little speech and quotes a few scriptures and announces the DFing of two girls who were sisters, aged 17 and 18. He ends his speech by slamming his Bible shut and loudly saying, "nice girls don't get pregnant."

    A year later his thirty-something single and quite unattractive daughter was DFd for fornication! Guess what? Yep. She was pregnant!


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The best one that I can think of was when are PO's son got dunked when he was 15 and he caught by an elder that very same day smoking a cigar celebrating the event.

  • Gregor

    In early 1975 an elder who was also a local Wells Fargo Bank VP called an early morning staff meeting in the boardroom. Over coffee and donuts he announced his retirement (he was in his late forties) because he wanted to give 100% of his time to his witnessing work. He told them the world would be ending by the end of the year, etc. and encouraged all of them to look into the "Truth" before it was too late.

    He and his wife pioneered for about 2 years. Then he went to his old employer and asked for a job. I think one of the conditions of his rehire was that he had to wear a dunce cap at work.

  • HappyDad

    The last KH I attended about 1999-2000.......about a year or so later I heard the PO was finally caught and DF'd. Seems he had a girl friend nobody knew about for quite some time. The KH is in Western PA. If you want to know which KH it was.....PM me. I don't remember the PO's name though since I was slowly fading at the time.

  • wantstoleave

    Worst case I can think of is a fairly recent one in my area. One of those holier than thou type elders. Married, grown kids....very zealous. He got done for sleeping with a Pioneer sister not so long ago. Apparently they'd been together on the sly for 20yrs! He'd been serving as an elder the entire time. So, his wife divorces him. Six months go by, both he and the Pioneer are reinstated, then they promptly announce they're getting married and you guessed it - the congregation is invited......right under the nose of his ex wife. Thats the kind of double standard I detest.

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    I hope I'm not out of line for saying this, but its really great to be watching you grow on this Forum.

    You are like the main character in "Educating Rita'" from the movie. Well, at least that's my perception.

    Enjoying your thoughts and comments as you are being educated, and educating us on JWN.


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