Buy a Condo in a Former WT building, Get an Audi and Parking for Free

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  • OnTheWayOut
  • OnTheWayOut

    I had the article in my initial post, but it wouldn't let me:

    Go to:

  • JWoods

    Will they also give us $4,000 for our old car?

    EDIT - will they also promise under bond to have gotten the Pine Lysol smell out?

  • xelder

    Hey OTWO -

    Go buy it for JF Rutherfords spirit-

    It could be the Brooklyn Beth-Sarim for ancient "worthies"

  • AGuest

    Apparently, the WTBTS sold that property to this developer. They apparently sold some other stuff, too... for a lot of moola. So I was a bit confused as to why they're beefing up campaigning for more contributions/donations). Then I learned they plan to build (if they haven't already) a 4-tower behemoth (and so, I'm guessing, the need for [more] money):

    But I'm usually way behind on stuff like this (i.e., you all may already know about all this - I certainly hope their congregation members do!), so this response may be moot .


    SA, a slave of Christ

  • OnTheWayOut

    I doubt they know what they are going to do. One of their ideas is probably to build this huge Assembly Hall with parking garage and apartments above just to have a presence in Brooklyn and keep HQ there, but really to have assemblies there, then sell every last scrap of every other property there.

    Other ideas might be to pull out entirely and come at the world out of Patterson. They can still be the Borg, but instead of a Brooklyn ORGanization, they would be the Bible Students ORGanization. (I can't bring myself to call them simply a BIBLE ORGanization.)

    I think a presence in Brooklyn is psychological to them. I think they want to be there. Plus, building more on the backs of volunteers will allow them one more building to sell in the future. Oh, a buyer for a huge Assembly Hall with apartments will be tough to find, but someone will want to buy it when the WT leaders backs are to the wall.

  • daniel-p

    Like other religions, the WTBS has become a real estate and development business.

  • Spook

    It is a beautiful location. I think they will keep NYC property. I doubt if they downsize too much that they will be able to afford new urban construction. Gone are the days when volunteers can handle it. What about the cranes? The steel erectors? The elvators? Nah. Can't do it on volunteers.

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