This will blow your mind. Horrific JW conduct reported.

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  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    Article after article. Make you vomit.

  • bluecanary

    I don't think the fact that individual JWs commit horrible crime says anything against the religion itself. You can find examples like that for most, if not all religious groups. I think what speaks them is they way they handle crimes (like pedophilia) as an organization.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough
    I don't think the fact that individual JWs commit horrible crime says anything against the religion itself. You can find examples like that for most, if not all religious groups. I think what speaks them is they way they handle crimes (like pedophilia) as an organization.

    That's not the point. The point is that they elevate themselves above other religions; it is their anthem. They devote factories printing out truckloads of literature passing judgment on Satanic Christianity for all the terrible things they have done over the years, those demonic Trinitarians. The point is, they aren't better. We all sin. How is this different from Nazi butchery except for the degree. Give the JWs 1,800 years and see what wonderful things they have morphed into by then.

  • villabolo

    I'm not making light of it but no, it does not blow my mind. This organization, in my opinion, attracts mentally disturbed people. While you may find them everywhere I think there is a disproportionate number of mentally disturbed people in the JWs.


  • purplesofa
  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    although I can't stand what JW's stand for. This has nothing to do with religion

  • yesidid

    JD were you ever a Witness?


  • bluecanary

    JD, that's true. And I think it's a decent point to bring up with Dubs who try to claim they're different (not that it will have much impact on most of them). I just don't think it's particularly useful for non-Dubs, as the header on that page suggests. I could pick a handful of atrocities commited by Lutherans and say you should think twice before getting involved with one of them and it would have as much merit.

  • A Mother
    A Mother

    fIRST -- I DO AGREE THAT BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN ALL RELIGIONS. And yes, J.W.s do entitle themselves with supposed superioority,morality, knowledge and anything else they are able to pontificate on. This of course does not mean their delusion is real, any more so than all the failed prophecies, or the ridiculous facade of God running a publishing company in New York. LOL. It does however mean they will be willing to HIDE crimes, problems, illnesses and anything else for the sole purpose of maintaining the lie that somehow God assists them in being quite a bit better than hard working selfless Mother Theresa. People like her are doomed and relegated for the vultures BECAUSE----No magazine sales, No witnessing for god HUMOR PLEASE----God needs us, yes,us to clear his name. Pass the turnips please.

    If you were a J.W. for 40 years as I was, you also can speak with truth concerning their fluctuating belief system. You may moon them and flip them off if that is a choice. People in the "fold" are ignorant, as I was, due to being KEPT as a slave for the cult. When a child is kidnapped and kept for years, just who the hell do they attach with ? the KIDNAPPER, the fellon, the abuser, No different in high controll groups. I really love freedom of religion, J.W.s just do not value or embrace others rights with freedom FROM religion. I do not choose to argue with them, I would choose to speak with a turnip--better results as you can eat the turnip after unloading on it or arguing with it.

    When a small child writes on 9/11 that 9/11 is a terrible thing that she thought would happen, and the only one that loves her is her aunt, We ask two questions.#1--Why was she expecting a terrible thing? Because children of J.W.s ARE daily abused with vailed and overt threats of destruction, dismemberment, rape, abandonment and death. Remember please that I was one of these children, It never really goes away. Being kidnapped and sold by your parents into this slavery is a crime that should net the parents the death penalty. ( I raised my children in this--always fighting against my captors until the day of freedom. ) This child who wrote of 9/11 died at the hands of her distrught father a few months later,along with three sibblings mother and the father. The family had moved out of state fleeing the trauma associated with what others may term SIMPLY leaving their church. It is definatly not simple, nor safe. #2 why was the aunt the only one she felt loved her ? Because the church forbid any friends or family to lend support or love when they left the church. The aunt disagreed and showed them love,For those that are/were J.W.s, it is called unconditional love. Even in the aftermath of such a horrible situation she showed great strength in exposing the church as the MAJOR cause in the murder--suicide. The J.W. family did not attend funeral services, But literally hundreds of non-J.W.s did. WHERE WERE WE ??? Were we saying that bad things happen in all religions? IF YOU had/ have any REAL knowledge of this supposed religion, Then you are aware of the terrible toll it takes on families. Mental illness is swept under the carpet, or in my first hand case--I sat in a room with elders who asked my second husband for $60 an hour, that they were as good as any doctor,prpbably better. They did not however medicate him, neither did they prescribe anything more than"binle study". He never fully recovered from the subsequent breakdown and confinement for mental illness. I have a few choice names for them but l just refer to them as Dick W."aka the Dick" and Steve C. "The penguin" or" the other Dick" is my prefference. They also feel clild mollesting and attempted child rape should be referred to as "Boys being Boys" !! Now remember if you will on national t.v. this J.R. Brown and a lady standing in front of J.W. headquarters saying ,Twenty years ago we did not know child mollesting really affected children. THat was in refferences to the hiding tens of thousands of abuse cases that should have been handled by the authorities.

    In closing----The underbelly of the Watchtower society is inhabited by magots, the flies are swarming inside of it, If you do not see that, then you have averted your eyes and chose not to look at the pain .

  • WTWizard

    I am not surprised. From what I have seen, witlesses are 4 to 32 times more likely to have mental problems (depending on which sources you land on). While this could be because mentally ill people are attracted to the religion (and they are going after those people), it is also because they create and worsen problems. Children in the cancer become mentally sick when they are not allowed to ever have any fun, when they have to do field circus at age 2 and 3, when they are frightened into being baptized at age 6 (graphic violence with threats of ending up like that if they do not obey), no fun at school, and being told that they are not doing enough. The spankings and beatings at the Kingdumb Hell (for fidgeting), and threats of more of the same at home, add to the problem.

    Additionally, the religion methodically devalues the present life. I have been there long enough to hear more than my share of talks telling us that we have to put off fun until the "new order", when "the real life" will be. There is a Kingdumb Malady about "life that is life indeed" (which may well still be in place in the new songbook). There are experiences about legendary sacrifices made for the Kingdumb. You also hear praises when children die because of obeying the washtowel policies--the blood issue is most famous of this. And they risk their lives by going in areas where persecution is endemic, crossing rivers with crocodiles, walking 20 miles each way to boasting sessions (and risking various dangers), and even being reckless in not canceling boasting sessions when weather is marginal (or not missing boasting sessions for severe illness or unsafe weather).

    What this is represents a continuum. At the mild end, you find those doing token service, doing just enough to get by. Those are the people that attend just enough boasting sessions and do one hour a month in field circus to avoid the hounders. Even then, there is a certain amount of waste (wasted time, not pursuing opportunity because of the hounders, etc.) At the other end, you find these horrible stories. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger doesn't like either end--yet their drive is toward the extreme end. They hound people to give up the value of their (and their children's) lives in entirity and to be willing to die if the need comes. Yet, some people are not going to stop there--or they are going to snap under the pressure and beat their children to death.

    I would like the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery to be held accountable for all this waste (even in the milder forms), as well as the deception to make the public think the religion is a harmless group intended to draw closer to the truth. I believe every single leader could be held guilty of enough to give them life sentences--with the exception of Ray Franz, who at least tried to moderate the religion and bring it closer to what the Bible says and reduce this waste and devaluation of human life.

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