Oct. 09 Awake: What's Missing?

by metatron 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • sir82
    It's coping with the situation in the only way they know but it's illogical as hell. Sinning (adultery) to keep from sinning (unscriptural divorce).

    Yeah, but if you "do your time" for the adultery, and you're male, eventually you can get all your privileges back, including eldership, speaking at assemblies, etc.

    If you get an "unscriptural divorce", every time you , well, "know in the biblical sense" your wife, it would be considered fornication in JW-land, thus no privileges, no assmbly talks, etc. Heck you probably would never be reinstated, as they would view the marriage as illegitimate.

    I agree, the hoops-jumping and loophole diving is quite absurd.

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