Did you have a job as a child?

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  • snowbird

    Thanks, VIII. I always thought you were male!



  • VIII

    I just looked down and double checked.

    Nope. Still there.

  • snowbird

    LOL at VIII.


  • jamiebowers

    1) What did you do?

    Baby sitting and house cleaning

    2) What did you get paid?

    $30 weekly for full time babysitting during the summer and $10 to $20 for housecleaning for half to full day of cleaning.

    3) Did your family need the money or was it all your own?

    It was all my own to buy school clothes and supplies, toiletries and to pay for outings.

    4) How old were you when you started working?


  • Joshnaz

    Finally free-

    I wanted to pump gas but my JW parents wouldn't let me. they said, "OH, What if someone wanted to buy ciggarettes, you would have to get it for them. You minds as well join the army and shoot people and kill them that way!!!!" AHHHH Pumping gas is the DEVIL!

    My first job-

    Mowing Lawns for the neighbors+$5 a lawn. My parents said, "do it like you were working for Jehovah!"

    2nd job-

    Cleaning businesses with my dad. He paid me whatever, $15 a day.

    Money was all mine. Spent it all at the arcade!!!!

  • bluecanary

    I became a cashier in my stepfather's restaurant at age 14. I got minimum wage. I wanted a job and money so I could live on my own as early as possible.

  • yknot

    I remember reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook and thinking the children who sold soap cakes weren't too different in their presentation and territory work then my FS work (started turning in slips when I was 3).

    Beyond that I didn't have a personal paying job but I did have lots of chores like gardening, cleaning and babysitting.....

    I take that back I once sold watermelons with my cousins in 1985 at Grandma's driveway ......we each made $12 all but two were demanded into the box at the back of the KH (the other two I was told to stuff under the mattress for quick Armageddon grab).

    My sister secretly bartered riding lessons for stall cleaning work after school......she wasn't caught for 4 years, but when she was the fit hit the shan bigtime.

    Neither of us worked a lick (other than FS, chores) again until 17 when our parents decided we needed to work so we would gain a greater appreciation of our bountiful blessings, all the money pretty much went to 'rent, car insurance, gasoline, taxes, utilities and the WWF' but it was a good learning lesson as I learned I didn't see much future in being a cashier and my sister was able to help pay some toward those who took her in after DFing & being kicked out.

  • coffee_black

    If you worked outside the home at an early age, Not sure what you consider early

    1) What did you do? Watchtower publisher: age 4....................first real job: Paste up artist age 16

    2) What did you get paid? Watchtower pay...00.........................King's deptartment store /advertising dept. $2.00 hr (1968)

    3) Did your family need the money or was it all your own? Watchtower N/A...............the money was mine, and the training in commercial art was what I was after.

    4) How old were you when you started working? Watchtower 4.(gave my own presentations, turned in time).......................real job 16


  • dissed

    At 12 years I cleaned horse stalls for .50 each, plus riding priviledges. It was mine until my dad learned where I was hiding it and stole it all to buy booze.

    Now life has come full circle. I have horses and have someone who we pay $10 hr to clean our stalls, plus she gets full riding priviledges. And whats left over after her pay day, I use to buy booze.

    And snowbird, I think I'm a male, at least the last time I checked I was. jk

  • Satanus

    From about 5 yrs old, my job was to go out and get the cows. Kinda fun. A quarter section of prairie. Cows had a few favorite spots. Once you got them going home, they followed the lead cow. At 11, we moved to another farm, this time in the bush. My work on the farm got serious; evenings and mornings doing chores, digging ditches, picking roots, clearing scrub, forking manure - pig, cow and chicken. During summer holidays, my dad offered us 25 cents a day for picking roots. Gosh. I thought about telling him to keep it and i wouldn't work. But, i knew that wasn't an option. Got a job after school @ 85 cents an hour pumping gas and stocking shelves at a small store/ gas station. Drove a bicycle 9 miles each way, cuz the school bus wouldn't wait for hours, while i worked. At 16, got turfed out, got a job in a groc store bagging groceries minimum wage 2 or 3 bucks an hour. Then warehouse minimum wage, whatever.


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