Melbourne Australia - We just had an earthquake and I'm friggin what? Whatever!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    We just had a minor earhquake 12 hours we did in March and I'm thinking......whatever!

    Obama starting "peace and security" talks with Israel and Palastine, and I think..........whatever!

    Our Recession is on again....on again..........................................whatever!

    It's amazing how when the brainwashing wears off we see life as a continuing cycle.......whatever man!

    THE END IS SOOOO CLOSE!!!!!.......................Yeah Whatever man good luck!

  • dissed

    The New System is so close.

    How close is it?

    You can almost smell the decaying bodies of Armegeddon

  • bluecanary
    You can almost smell the decaying bodies of Armegeddon

    No, no. I just forgot to take the trash out. Is it vultures we're supposed to be worried about or fruit flies? Because I might be in trouble . . . .

  • brinjen

    Earthquake in Melbourne and Sydney's skies were blood red this morning...

    RUUUUNNNN! The door to the ark is about to shut!!!!!!

  • VIII

    And, because of the continuing financial meltdown, The Great Tribulation is happening now.

    I got the e-mail from my Mom today to tell me.

    She told me to sell all my stocks, mutual funds, etc. and stuff my cash in a jar. Literally. See below:


    Put the rest of your cash into a jar and hide it! HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    No wonder Bible says they will be tossing their $$$$ into the streets.
    All that hard work to earn, steal or inherit the $$$$ to no avail!


    So, the End is here.

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Or, she did. Technically. I'll give her credit when the crows are pecking out my eyes. Seriously.

  • bluecanary

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, VIII--is your mom tossing money in the streets? Because I'd like to cash in on this.

    Seriously, if anyone thinks money has become worthless, I encourage them to dump it on me.

  • VIII

    bluecanary--she is stuffing it in jars and in a mattress. I think. Also has it in the bank for now.

    Her analogy is from the JW literature. Something about when the end is near money will be worthless and people will be throwing money in the street.

    (I'm telling you, they are nutz. I've said this before and offended some people. I'm sorry for that, but, she <my mom> is a typical JW)

    She seriously believes that Worldlies will go loco and (because of the falling dollar) start throwing money in the streets and start bartering for things. She has started watching CNBC (at my urging--my BAD!!!) and now believes we really are at the GT.

    Crazy. She is telling her sister in the above e-mail, which I copied parts of, that, since we are in the GT, she should save HER cash and wait for the Worldlies to throw their money out. crazy, crazy.

  • dissed

    In 1972, in Los Angeles we had a decent earthquake.

    The KH's were overflowed with people that night. Being new, I didn't think much of it but the JW's were BUZZING!!!

    Lasted for only a few meetings and then things went back down. They live in fear of the Big A.

    Now don't you feel viii that we are like the evil people of Noah's time mocking him. And you Brinjen, the evil one, making fun of the JW's.

    Well, that's what the JW's want us to think. "You'll get yours, you wait and see."

  • brinjen
    And you Brinjen, the evil one, making fun of the JW's.

    Nothing has happened here yet... Maybe there was interference and Darwin was skipped over... wait... that's death.

  • Lillith26

    Windy In between Melb and Syd it's pretty darn windy here in NSW ATM..... crap!... I just saw another sheet of tin fly off my shed! I wonder if my insurance covers 'acts o armagedon'????? cause Imagunna sue dat Joho for damages LOL

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