From What You've Experienced Are JWs Rebelling, Conforming or Not Caring?

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  • minimus

    I think many Witnesses go thru the motions and may not 100% believe everything but I've kind of been subjected to only a few Witnesses lately.

    What's your experience regarding the genuiness of Jehovah's Witnesses? Are they totally committed or not?

  • undercover

    I commented about this on another thread just a few moments ago...

    I sense that many (not all though) JWs are just going through the motions. They do what's expected but in their day to day lives, they are absorbed into the "world" as far as work, entertainment and distractions. They may be more conservative, but they are enjoying the world.

    I sense this more in the younger generations. From my age (though I'm not young anymore) on down. It seems that many people I grew up with have not reached out. I know of very few of my peers (who are still JWs)) who are elders. That's a lot of 45-50 year old slackers.

    The younger groups are even worse (or better, depending on your view). There are so many generations of JWs now, it's like being a Baptist or Catholic. "It's the religion I was brought up in..." and they just stay with it. Which is ironic because I remember when JWs used to condemn people for not looking beyond their own religion...especially with Armageddon so close. JWs never thought the system would go on long enough for there to be kids, grandkids and great grandkids who are following the same religious path.

    The further away we get from the initial generation that exclaimed, "the end is nigh" the less each generation will accept the thought of an imminent end to the world. And it shows in their attitude and conduct and how they plan for their future with college, retirement and pleasures of the world.

  • minimus

    OK, but if most just go thru the motions, they're in the "conforming" category. Do slackers not care? Do they conform only until something personally affects them (like blood issues)? Or are they still true blue?

  • undercover

    Don't forget though that they are still indoctrinated in a cult. They may rebel in their own little ways like, say, watch R-rated movies on DVD or like to drink more than what most would consider moderate. But if it came down to a big decision like the blood issue, I guess that most would rely on the elders and HLC to defend their faith for them. They'll feel good because someone else is fighting the battle and all they have to do is obey.

    So I guess they are conforming when pressed... the thing is, they're not pressed everyday.

    Members of a cult like JWs are an enigma. They'll support the organization...they'll obey most rules and policies...yet they'll allow their own thoughts and opinions to mold how they act, even though it goes against the principles of the cult. But when push comes to shove, they'll fall in line and obey.

    JWs are eat up with cognizant dissonance

  • yknot

    In my congregation the 'going through the motions' has upped greatly since 2007......

    Granted we are still a very conforming congregation but I think it is more of an automatic trained response then sincerity.

    Genuiness has been replaced with mindless or forced tradition...... I take that back we have 1 Brother who really really believes but he associates his conversion with turning away from a very fast and lonely destructive lifestyle. Technically if a Baptist/Mormon/Non-denom had been doing a 'visitation' he would be in their pews instead......but he has that 'zeal' we all know so well.

  • minimus

    EXTREMELY well said, Undercover!

  • minimus

    "Automatic trained response"....good one!


    All the JW`s I Know..

    Left thier Brain with the WBT$..

    Even the ones who are considered cooler than most JW`s..

    Don`t realise how screwed up they are..

    JW`s come in Degree`s of Screwed Up.


  • BorgHater

    Love your smileys outlaw - when i was a witless i was the worried looking smiley (second left) lol

  • Finally-Free

    I think most JWs are going through the motions. It's easier to sit back, refuse to think about the problems, and do nothing than it is to change your life and accept the costs associated with such a change.


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