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    why do we see the optimum population trust patron david attenorough say.....

    "he is frightened by the number of people in the world and says the human race needs to be reduced"

    do you think it's by accident all of this is happening at the same time worldwide?

    look at some of john holdren's statements in his book ecoscience....adding sterilants to drinking water

    partial surrender of sovereignty to an international police force

  • Narkissos


    Conspiracy stuff aside, what should really scare us is the issue of world population (which is in a sense the problem of all problems, and a tricky one as it results directly from our historical "solutions": mankind has been too good at protecting itself) not being adequately addressed (or, more realistically, consistently swept under the carpet) by the political spheres. At this point the lack of (working) conspiracy is scarier than the worst conspiracy you can imagine.

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  • ninja

    narky and're right....what was I thinking?......only's what may happen if madmen in the mould of george bernard shaw get their way......

    and we may have to justify our existence to them


    Well at least it's "humane and not cruel", geez ninja what do you want? Scary shit. "Hitler got it all wrong."

  • WTWizard

    And freezing technology, which is what we seem to be experts at doing. Result: We have pollution accumulating. It's one thing to generate pollution. It's quite another that we still do not have the will to reuse it for raw materials for other goods.

    Our leaders are also doing their utmost to prevent the energy "crisis" from being fixed--there is plenty of energy out there, if they would just stop inventing fictitious or "possible" problems to stop them from being developed. We could have the technology to radically improve genetic engineering, if only Monsanto would quit defending the status quo and start improving our food to make it better for us instead of for their herbicides. We could build buildings that could provide for cities that would have more than a billion people and not have them excessively crowded (or spending trillions of dollars on them). We could find ways to access and create new dimensions--anyone doing that would unlock infinite space, so we could grow to infinity and still have infinite space and resources per person.

    Or, we can eliminate the human population. The earth would go back to nature, to warm on its own. There would be a pristine earth for no one to enjoy, and it would still be eaten by the sun when it goes out. No one would be on hand to develop the technology to save the earth from the sun, or to make the sun burn forever (yes, there is enough energy out there to make the sun and the stars look like a mere LED flickering in the dark, if we would only stop stalling and developing it).

    Some things I have seen, that have not worked, include the 55 MPH speed limit (for the energy crisis), the biofuel crap that is driving food prices through the roof (anyone else in the US paying nearly a dollar for a 5 cent candy bar lately?), dogging development of nuclear fusion, the Clam Shell Alliance setting up against nuclear fission (and against perfecting the technology) when we have an oil crisis), vaccinations that are barely effective (I have seen people get the "flu" a week after getting a flu shot), Codex Alimentarius (they are silent on updating the situation, and will unroll it on January 1, 2010 with widespread vitamin busts without notifying people and giving them a chance to protest it), having a private bank making our money and stealing it (with both income taxes and inflation), an "education" system that has to be certified to ensure that it does not allow people to think independently, and laws that impede just about every aspect of life. Yet, there are no impediments against religion.

    The above are not conspiracy--I have actually seen them in place at one time or another. Our leaders are doing all they can to distress us. I think this could be Jehovah acting through our leaders so He can keep us distressed (they never seem to trend toward atheism or Devil worship--always toward Christianity or Islam). Then He can promise a better world, after our present lives (devaluing our present life), which never seems to come. And, once you die, having been prevented from finding fulfillment, there is no reward for any of it.

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