Spanish JW's are just as rude

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  • dissed

    I was in HomeDepot (Hardware store) the other morning and I noticed two JW spanish brothers making the rounds, in the store. They stood out to me because they were wearing suits, ties, and one was wearing an overcoat to carry literature. (This is the summer here)

    You would normally never see JW's approaching customers in a store. It would be viewed as quite disrespectful and rude to the customers, bothering them while IN the store shopping, as well as to the store management. Usually the JW's are permitted to stand outside the store.

    But they were approaching spanish speaking ones, so the store management people wouldn't know what they were doing. They were doing it on the sly.

    Being forced on by JW's needing time early in the morning doesn't surpise me, but in a store does.

    When you are in the movement, maybe you don't notice how bad it looks, especially when you need time.

    Care to share any of your rude moments when preaching?

  • tigeress

    how about a whole group of pineoers in my area who used to get up at the crack of dawn and desend apon the local railway station that took all the commuters into London?

    Imagine that? 5am your barely awake, standing on a freezing cold platform and youv'e got a JW pouncing on you!

    Eventualy the london bethel received so many complaints/ threats from the poor communters that they actauly asked the JW's to stop.

  • cognac
    Eventualy the london bethel received so many complaints/ threats from the poor communters that they actauly asked the JW's to stop.

    Good!!! I think its rood when they go to the beach and start knocking on car windows of people trying to enjoy the scenery.

  • Gayle

    Stores just don't allow it,,"No Soilicting". The store will soon discover and watch for that. However, I, too, did "streetwork" as a pioneer back in the 60s,,in retrospect I hated it. So even some of these JWs, can wake up someday.

  • wobble

    I did street,station,beach,market and Pub and prolly some more,all before this kind of stuff was pushed by the WT, I found it O.K ,you could pick your mark,if they looked miserable or in a hurry,let 'em go.

    I felt as though we were going to where the people were,we could talk to ten or twenty times the people that we would contact by going D to D.

    People in my area still remember me, and I get an opportunity now to "Anti-Witness" so maybe all those hours were not wasted.

    Here in the U.K you can be prosecuted if you are not too careful. by the Railway Authorities or by store owners.

    It was a bit rude I 'spose but den I was a Rude Boy



  • dissed

    Should we be calling you 'Wobble the Rude?' lol

    I did it as well, but will admit, it was almost always about time necessasity. We would never think of 6 AM street witnessing or midnight laundrymats if it wasn't for the "I have to get my time' stuff.

    When the movie 'Airplane' came out espousing JW's witnessing at an airport and getting beat up by Robert Stack, has to be the wish of many a people. "Hi yah!" as he flips the JW to the ground.

  • sir82
    Stores just don't allow it,,"No Soilicting".

    I'm almost certain there is a big "no soliciting" sign on the entrance door of the store.

    I'm also quite certain that the store management would appreciate knowing about whoever breaks that clearly expressed rule.

  • wobble

    Isn't Soliciting what prostitutes do ?

  • AGuest

    and may you all have peace... was, when leaving the porch of someone who didn't wish to answer and so hid inside, the "sister(s)" accompanying me commented on the "goats inside." I was flabbergasted. First, I was SO embarassed and afraid the householder's heard them - I wanted the sidewalk to open up and swallow us all. Or at least the car group to hurry and drive up and whisk us all away. I mean, hwat if the person was sick... or tired... or a minor?? Second, I was appalled that "we" even thought that way. Don't get me wrong: I'd been in many years by now... and so understood the understanding (i.e., "current light") about "the sheep and goats" at the time. "We" were sheep; "they" were goats. BUT... I didn't think we were supposed to HOPE... let alone SAY... that folks were goats! Where is the Christ in that???

    I was sure my dear , gentle [fleshly], father... had rolled over in his grave... to think that I would be associated with people (not the Organization, but the "imperfect" the individuals!) who responded that way when someone didn't want to hear what they had to say. I immediately had to ask: what kind of God would get joy out of having His people THINK such a thing, let alone say it right there within 10 feet of someone's front door? Somehow, I KNEW (and I now know how I knew) that the TRUE God would not... and did not: just look at Christ. He would never had said/done such a thing. So, I started praying that we'd all be forgiven... and avoided working with those "sisters" again!

    But I had a [very] hard time holding my head up in field service after that. It just never quite felt "right" again, although I continued for many years after that. I made it my personal goal, however, to try and remain positive and not judge anyone I met at the door... or elsewhere in field service... no matter how they responded to me (my Lord knows, I don't always want to open my door to strangers, either!).

    Praise JAH, I was eventually "invited" out.

    I bid you all peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • BabaYaga

    Awesome post, AGuest.

    I felt the same way when my door-to-door partner would pick out "her" house if she saw a lovely house in our territory... apparently she thought we would all just get to step over all the rotting corpses after Armegeddon and go claim the houses we always wanted.

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