The Evil Eye!

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  • tigeress

    as you may know i live in the med. Here they are obessed with the evil eye, and everyone wears these blue glass charms with a black dot in the middle that is meant to repel the evil eye. I have had proffesional, highly educated, inteligent people swear by these charms and tell me that they "really do work!"

    My question is this, would you wear such a thing as a evil eye charm or say a cross now? and if so why? I personly love my charm braclets but would never wear a cross as it represents religon to me, not sure about the evil eye thing though...;)


    I`ve been all over..

    Even educated people have strange beliefs..

    Enjoy your Jewelery..


    I would`nt worry about the Evil Eye..


  • bluecanary

    I have a little statue of the buddha because I like the ambiance, not because I think it brings luck. But I also do not mind being identified with Buddhists, because I do believe what they teach to a pretty good extent. I wouldn't want someone to mistakenly think I'm Christian, not because I have anything against being Christian, just because I am not. For that reason I probably wouldn't wear a cross, even though I've seen some very pretty ones. But it's up to you. If you like it, you can wear it. Just be prepared to correct people if they assume something about it that isn't so.


    I`ve got a few Buddha statues..

    My JW mom wanted to know if Buddha was my new God..Bow Down Before You


    Crazy 1


  • tigeress

    outlaw where do you get your amazing cartoons from?

    Its very anoying having this 1 topic in 24hrs only post rule, in my old account i had a bigger alotment, will this change or am i stuck with it?

  • dissed


    I was limited to one post and 10 comments for about 2 weeks. (very frustrating, like being reproved with restrictions) lol

    I then sent a PM to the admin. and they responded quickly with an increase.



    Google Smileys..Thats where they keep them!

    Be patient..As you gain credibility on the board.. Your posts and topics will increase.. We have all had to do it.. Back in the Day it was 20 posts and 2 topics per day for established posters.. ..................

  • Twitch

    Superstitions' not the way,...

    These things only have power if you give it to them. I'm surprised that otherwise logical, intelligent people believe in this stuff but whatever gets you through the day I s'pose.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Beware of the "evil brown eye".......there is no protection!

  • tigeress

    huh? wittness007?

    just what is that?

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