It's year 5770- the end of the world begins tonight

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  • moshe

    Yes folks, the Rapture is supposed to begin tonight after sundown on the beginning of the Jewish New year 5770. has all the details. Using methodology that makes perfect sense to any Biblical numerologist or code freak, they lay the case for why the rapture of born-again Christians will commmence tonight, or maybe next week, or maybe 2011, etc. We should be hearing of plane crashes tonight when the Christian pilots and passengers are raptured to heaven leaving just nonbelievers in the cabin to crash when the plane runs out of fuel.

  • Leolaia

    Oh interesting. Here is another guy who claims that similar things (well, his own rapture to Jerusalem and the destruction of California) will occur on Yom Kippur:

    That buys this guy a few more days of doomsayin' than the other guys.

  • dissed

    Is some Comet like Hale-Bop coming by the earth again? Because, if there is no Comet, then I'm not buying its the end of the world.

  • sspo

    More screwed up than the JW's and their end of the world prophecies.

  • moshe

    Yes, sspo, JW's don't look so weird compared to some.. I noticed that nobody was willing to put their name on this rapture prediction, either.

  • Leolaia

    Actually, that is not the case with the link that I posted....This guy gives out a little too much personal information I think (he has posted his name, his date of birth, his mother's maiden name, his address, etc.).


    The End of the World..

    It`s always the end of the Frigg`in World!!..

    You wake up the next day..


    You need milk,eggs,bread..

    The cat`s litter box needs to be changed..

    You did 90mph in a 70mph zone..

    So a cop gave you a speeding ticket..

    Why is the End of the World always Cancelled at the last minute?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm working on a serious migraine at the moment.

    End of the world sounds all right with me. Anything to get rid of the dizziness and pain.


    Big Tex..

    You need to relax..

    This is for you Bud!


  • moshe

    Well, another day just like the last and still no rapture.

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