"One of" Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • crapola

    what he fortells comes to be

  • Scully

    I think that the phrase is a kind of Shibboleth. It identifies "real" JWs to each other, and weeds out the "posers" who say things like "I'm a Jehovah Witness".

  • WuzLovesDubs

    I was videotaping an outing one day in the early 90s with my kids and my husband. We were at a park. We saw a couple with a flat tire on one of the roads and we stopped to help them. My husband was still wearing his "kingdom hall clothes" so apparently we must have gone there after a meeting or something. Or to look at the changing leaves. But I have him on tape helping them change their tire and I hear myself say outloud from our car...." Make sure you tell them you're a Jehovahs Witness honey!" Like somehow tagging himself that way will impress them soooo much they will be begging for a bible study. It makes my stomach turn now when I hear it.

    Almost out of body you know? I dont RECOGNIZE that woman I used to be. The one that WAS "a Jehovahs Witness". So fricking disingenuous.

  • carla

    It's really kind of funny because only jw's have the slightest clue as to what that means. Outsiders call jw's things like, 'I know a really big jehovah', I had a few jehovah's at my door' and so on. The outsiders have no idea what calling a jw a 'big jehovah' would actually mean to a jw! In my mind a jw thinks of it as truly being one of many witnesses for God but to me it just means one more method of mind control, just another 'unique' jw term. In my mind they do not know God or Christ and never will until they care more about truth and God than being watchtower followers, watchtowerites.

    If a jw tells someone at the door they are 'one of jehovah's witness' it simply registers in the mind of the door the same as if one said they were Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Hindu, Muslim, etc..

  • Gram

    What is the meaning then of "One of " Jehovah's Christian Witnesses? I have seen lately the term "Christian" inserted -- such as in the newspaper covering the DAs.

  • Farkel

    When people tell me they are "one of Jehovah's Witnesses," I ask, "Well, who's the other one?"


  • WTWizard

    It is just a figure of speech. It is awkward to claim to be a Jehovah's Witless, in the way one can claim to be an ex-witless. Or, to claim to be a republican (re-PUKE-lican) or Democrat (DUMP-o-CRAP). Saying that one is "one of Jehovah's Witlesses" is about the same as claiming to be a member of the Church of Scientology.

    As I see it, though, it is the witless religion that is wrong. Saying we are "Jehovah's Witlesses" implies that we are property that Jehovah owns, and thus we are pieces of property. As such, it implies that everything we do is what our Owner (Jehovah) tells us to (and that impression finds its way into the membership).

    I hope this becomes more embarrassing as more worldly people hear about the crap the witlesses have been doing--killing babies, kidnapping, and the like. While that will not stop the witlesses from doing field circus (most will be told to disregard it or think of it as persecution), it will make people think twice before joining any organization that its members call themselves Jehovah's [anything].

  • TMS

    It's certainly considered part of the "pattern of truth" to be grammatically correct identifying oneself as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I've noticed that now my wife and I always use one of the incorrect forms consciously.

    Bill Williams, the man I wrote about 8-1/2 years ago http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/5736/1/Not-of-Our-Sort-Part-I identified himself at the door as a "member of a much-maligned sect known as Jehovah's Witnesses". Of course, he never went to the door with a book bag, only a bible in his hand and perhaps a magazine or tract in his inside coat pocket.


  • wantstoleave

    On the song bit, you know that theres a NEW song book being made and will be used as of January?

  • BabaYaga

    WantsToLeave said:

    On the song bit, you know that theres a NEW song book being made and will be used as of January?

    Yep, we've heard. And did you know that one of the reasons for this is that at least one of the songwriters for the familiar Kingdom Melodies is posting here?

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