Florida v Tennessee

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  • AllTimeJeff

    If I were to go into the thousands of reasons why I hate the Gators, the University of Florida, or Gainseville, time wouldn't allow it. And I have much football to watch today. It's possible that I will have multiple fizzy barley waters. Probably some high in saturated fat wings. Likely, I will be sitting between men grunting at multi TV screens doing the same.

    But at the time the Vols go to play the Gators, I hope that they totally kick their stenchy, lard filled @$$es all over the field....

    ....however, I will settle for a close, OT victory.

    GO VOLS!!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    ATJ - please tell us what you really think about the Gators. LOL

    What's the spread on that game?


  • AllTimeJeff

    Its 29.5 points for the Gators. Not that Tennessee helped at all with that turd they laid last week vs UCLA....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I think the Vols are probably better than that! I normally don't get to watch college ball - I work Sat as a regular part of my schedule - but I am off with a vacation day - so I might tune in if it is broadcast in my area.


  • AllTimeJeff

    It's on CBS. 3:30 or 4:00. It's a big grudge match, Kiffin called them out. Now he has to put his money where his mouth is.

    Should be interesting....

  • BurnTheShips

    Tennesee is going to get the ever loving piss beat out of them. As it is, they are down 4.


  • linp24

    'Kiffin called them out."

    In February, Coach Kiffin accused Coach Meyer of recuiting violations. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Kiffin had to apologize to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive and the SEC, Jeremy Foley, and Coach Meyer. No NCAA rules were violated.

    Poetic justice: Florida 23; Tenn 13

  • dinah

    Tebow laid on his ass three times. I watched it.

    But yeah, justice was served.

    Come to Tuscaloosa, Tebow. They are waiting......................

    Tennessee looked much better than I gave them credit for.

    I'm gonna go pray to Bear today and thank him again for a good day of SEC football.

    USC lost.

    hee hee

  • AllTimeJeff

    I just want to say, I am in real pain right now.

    Tennessee lost. Florida won. Tebow made 3 plays that made the difference. And I hate his guts.

    I am allowed to hate his guts.

    I can't believe this, but I will be rooting for the Tide and Saban against these guys. I need to find a church or a pope for absolution, but I am rooting for anyone against Florida this year.

    I hurt. I would have cried, but men don't do that.

    Having said that, and owning the loss, I like what I saw on the road in the swamp from Kiffin. But he gets till next year before I rate him.

    Tennessee didn't try one freaking pass over 20 yards all freaking day long! Thank you Jonathan Compton for sucking the life out of our season.

    I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, next year, Knoxville, I am there. I will sit outside the staudium, I will be as near as I can get, but I will be there when revenge is taken.

    Ok, I am done. It looks like Auburn is losing, Georgia is coming back.

    I still am in pain....

  • dinah

    Don't cry Jeff!

    Bama will get Florida. Tennessee held them, Bama will whoop that ass for them. Georgia is sucking almighty ass. Look out for Bama and LSU, we've got Arkansas next week.

    Our boys were bored today and working on fundamentals, let our team get fired up. It's family, family, Gawd I love Bama

    In the name of Bear I pray,


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