Jehovah's Witnesses role in early release of "Creepy Phil" Garrido

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  • the research lady
    the research lady

    More information on the Garrido's and Jehovah's Witnesses. This is not good press for the Jehovah's Witnesses. Click the link and count how many times Jehovah's Witnesses are mentioned. ALso listen to a call to the Watchtower asking if Garrido was a Jehovah's Witness

  • WTWizard

    I would be so embarrassed to show up at the door of a householder with another person dressed up in a suit, and be identified (or have to identify myself) as one of Jehovah's Witlesses that I would not want to be out there. Or, to be seen going into or out of a Kingdumb Hell.

    This is more serious than a regular pedophile situation. You had a kidnapping, enslavement, and possibly even incest (for sure, the resulting children were neglected), in addition. All of which makes the situation more serious, by far, than a regular pedophile--and the witlesses want them out of jail early. I think 50 years is too short--the slimebag would have been out in 50 short years as was, but those cockroach witlesses wanted to get them out in field circus sooner (so they could rape children in the Kingdumb Hell or out in the territory sooner). I hope this makes all the newspapers in the country that these people were witlesses--in addition to the fact that the kidnapping itself made it into all the mainstream newspapers.

    I bet the witlesses are going to tell their members to disregard the bad press, and then wonder why householders are so keen on shunning them. Which does not make them better prepared for their ministry.

  • flipper

    RESEARCH LADY- Thank you very much for printing this. I have run off copies , and I will run off about 100 more copies of this article which I will leave under car windshields at about 10 different kingdom halls in my 3 county area here in my local area. Like the child abuse scandal in 2007 - ( which virtually 95 % of Jehovah's Witnesses knew nothing about ) the rank and file witnesses NEED to be informed about this happening because they are kept under " information control" by the WT society trying to hide any bad publicity . I guarantee witnesses in my area will receive this article. Thanks for you and Kool-Aid man's hard work to expose this

  • purplesofa

    Thanks for posting

    This part was a little hard to swallow, I was about 25/26 when I started studying with four kids, had my 5th not long after baptism.

    Beckford, who writes on religion and teaches at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, found in his 1975 book that the most likely converts to the Jehovahs Witness cult are females in their mid-20’s who are dislocated from society due to a move away from their home location or through multiple child births in close succession.


  • dissed

    Did you see how messy their house was? It was filthy.

    I guess she was so busy in service she didn't have time to clean it.

    (okay sick joke. I apologize in advance)

  • flipper

    I listened to the call Kool-Aid man made about whether the Garrido's were Jehovah's Witnesses or not. I think the people the WT society have answering these phones have one living brain cell, perhaps. That, or either due to legal ramifications they are totally told to play dumb like they haven't heard anything, and know nothing. Just like Schultz used to say on the show Hogan's Heroes . " I know nothing ! " That's the WT mantra

  • badboy

    i hear they may have found bones in his garden

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I haven't managed to see whatever printout you are seeing Flipper, but I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to spread anything around until I was absolutely 100% sure of it and had a way to easily verify it to the recipient.

    Does anyone have any comments about the books in this photo?

  • hamsterbait

    The whole sorry disgusting account makes me think of a poem, where Satan has a fit of the giggles after the nuclear holocaust.

    "He sat, with his scarlet wings unfurled,

    and he laughed, and laughed:

    "Behold - the work of man who was made in the image of God."

    Unfortunately Jws are human beings as much as Dr Mengeler, Stalin, Hitler, or Torquemada.

    As long as human beings are members of religions, shit will happen.


  • WTWizard

    I recognize the book in the middle of the picture as the NWT, or Not Well Translated, version of the Bible. Which is the one the witlesses use--I myself have seen all too many of those things, and would recognize them by the size in an instant.

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