It's a Birthday Party..and the invitation says "No Presents Please"

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  • lisavegas420

    The woman is a co-worker and she is turning 70. The invitation just says, to stop by sometime between 2 and 5 for refreshments and help us celebrate. The last line says No Presents Please.

    Does that really mean no presents, or am I going to show up with nothing and find a big table covered in wrapped gifts?

    It's not like she needs anything. Her and her husband are well off.

    But then it is her birthday, shouldn't I bring something? If so what?


  • darthfader

    How about a nice card? If you are feeling the need to give.. then you could always donate to some charity on her behaf.

    Darth Fader

  • Lillith26

    I put no present please on all my invitations... the present is just the people showing up... but I do like it when I get presents.

    Mabey just a card or box of chocolates- I gave my grandad a teddy bear on his 80th and it made him cry, he said "no one has givin me a teddy in years, i love it!".

  • carla

    This is often done especially when the person is of an age where they really don't need more shirts, nick-nacks, etc..... A card is fine or if you must a small token gift, maybe a small bunch of flowers or even one rose would be nice. Some invites say no presents your presence is enough or something to that effect. You most definitely will not be the only one with no gift if they said no gifts please on the invite.

  • blondie

    Donating to a charity would be a good idea.

  • lisavegas420

    I thought of a charity, but she is not a charitable person. She would be the kind of person that would say, "Yea, thanks for giving my gift away." and not smile while she's saying it.

    I will look for a card today. At least I won't be going empty handed.

    I already planned for a 2:30-3:00 visit. Early, but not too. Long enough stay to say hello to eveyone, and get out before I say something stupid.

    We sit next to each other 8+ hours a day all week. There is only the two of us, and then the attorney. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time with her than my husband.

    I've been there less that 6 months. But have found her very interesting, I love to ask questions, about...well everything, and she seems to have a view or belief on most things. I've taught her a few things about computers. We race to find phone numbers...her looking in the phone book and me looking it up on the computer.

    She has children the same age as I AM.....AND..... we have grandchildren that are the same age. So we have stuff in common. She's never said outright, but she leans toward athiestism, from what I can tell. Yet she goes to church, occasionally.

    Don't know why I typed all that...I guess because I can..hehehe.

    Anyway...just sharin'.


  • mouthy

    I put no presents on my invites
    There are some who disobey, I end up giving them away.
    No room for anything in my place,I am fat so chocs are not a gift
    more of a death sentence ,YOUR the GIFT!!!! so go with a card ...& a HUG!!!!

  • dissed

    Happened to us once and we were the only ones who didn't bring a gift. This was an older person who really meant 'NO GIFTS'. We felt ackward, but later she pulled my wife aside and thanked us for respecting her wishes.

    As people left she insisted on them taking back the gifts, becaue she had no room for them in her apartment and saying she would have to donate them to the thrift store. She wasn't rude about it, was truly thankful. She really had no room in her small apartment.

    A card is not a gift. I noticed our senior citizens love gift cert. even a small one to a restaurant.

  • Jadeen

    A gift cerificate or some flowers are good ideas. I don't know any woman that doesn't like to get flowers!

  • beksbks

    My mom is 81, and I would bet that this lady really means no presents. Carla has the right idea. There comes a point where it's just more clutter.

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