My 10 year old son almost Outed me as when someone showed him a Watchtower! "The Generation that won't die"

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    I had a photo copy of the magazine "The Generation that will never die!" sitting in my office, he saw it and being the voracious reader he is, he asked me "Why did the magazine say all those people would never die?" I told him "humans make mistakes, they were wrong by claiming that." So a month goes by and some people brought the magazines by my house to check up and he answered the door and saw the Watchtower magazine and said to the brothers holding them.

    "Those are the magazines that have all the dead people on them, right?" This intrigued them because one of them is a righteous elder trying to dig so dirt up on my elderly parents who accused them of "impure association because they can't attend meetings, he claim's there are 95 year olds who attend meetings and my parents are looking for reasons to not attend."

    The Elder asked my son "What do you mean this magazines have the "Dead People on them?" his face turned red like he was in trouble and I said, "don't be afraid, go ahead, we have freeness of speech(I said he could speak his mind as long as he is respectful". He replies "Your magazine in 1980 something has a picture of people and said "They won't die and their all dead!" I had to take over from there and explain to the Elders he found something someone left in our mailbox and he was telling the truth.

    "Out of the Mouth of Babes", you think the Elder will think about what a ten year old said?

  • stuckinarut2

    Very good!

    But watch are now in the elders spotlight for encouraging subversive apostate reasoning....

  • kairos

    I like this story.

    We should all have copies of that magazine at the ready to show any nosy JW that decides to poke around...

  • Giordano

    I was hoping it was the Elder who's face turned red.

    No he is not going to think about what your son said....... he's too busy trying to dig up dirt on your parents.

  • ToesUp
    You have a VERY smart son! He only speaks the truth. Good for him.
  • zeb
    toes up ..oops i hit the wrong button yes a + for you
  • wallsofjericho

    He wont think about it except to mumble "they don't understand the concept of new light"

    Fyi..check out my avatar 😉

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    Nice story, Phil. 👌
  • kaik
    I remember the WT publication when we studied it back then. Wow, it been 30 years. Now the elders have you at the spotlight for hoarding apostate literature.
  • PokerPlayerPhil

    kaik, can you believe it's been thirty years since the Watchtower so arrogantly printed "The Generation that will not pass away!" magazine? Now I noticed they are removing pieces from their old CDs to stop kids from finding choice concepts like "The Preaching work will end in the 20th Century", does anyone know if the Watchtower has eliminated more words off their CDs and hand outs to the congregation?

    What's next for the Organization for "Blunders' and "Bloopers" would you say? Their constantly screwing up even with outlines with private gatherings and there getting leaked because the Bethelites have a great sense of justice who are giving out that information to honest witnesses.

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