Could God create a rock so heavy He could not lift it?

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  • TMS

    God is such a great god. Were he to create such a rock as beyond his strength to lift, he would simply create more strength. Were he inclined to then add mass to the rock, he would again increase his own strength. Were he. . . . . . . . .

    Were god to create a rock beyond his own strength, he could simply increase the mass of everything but the rock, making the rock relatively smaller. . . . were the rock relatively smaller, everything else would be relatively larger. Can you relate to that?

    God is such a great god. . . . .

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    OTWO.. Silly... don't you know it's turtles all the way down?

    Darth Fader

  • darthfader

    Hmm for some reason I could only see the first two sentences of OTWO's post..

    I guess it's duplicate posts all the way down..

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